A Compendium

Suddenly, things looked different, felt different and the hues that outlined the usual spectrum of sights I see everyday are heightened. Over night, in a short span of unobserved time, everything became different.

My heart quickened a little and I found myself tossing and turning in bed; nagging feelings are never nice. Try as you may, the proposed alternative doesn’t come sweet to the palate. It is an obvious preoccupation that slowly eats my productive time… the contents of my head is topsy turvy again. I should not be bothered by these I know, but how can you turn your back to what’s coming your way?

United is taking off.


I’ve decided a week ago, after learning of a traitor’s words that I am not very popular when I am not around (Hah! What’s new?). Meaning, they talk about me behind my back – with the intent to gossip and vilify. Unfortunately for that person, he/ she was none the wiser as hypocrisy is his/ her shadow. I tried to build a professional relationship with the said offender but I soon realize that it was useless. I was taught, with firm persuasion, never to go down with the dogs and I must choose my friends wisely. I had to exercise that and somehow, I rid myself of gossipers, backstabbers, malice and most of all trash.

Big, stinkin’, pus filled trash.


Fily said, I should write about sex to catch people’s attention. I thought, “even if one is not a reader, one is bound to look again if we’re discussing about the S word”. I’m not sure where his comment came from but I acknowledged it by ignoring whatever malice it denotes.

I told him that I am trying to write a novel about a girl and a boy, so that should include some wild, hot, dirty sex in it. He laughed … not because of dirty sex but of the thought that I am even contemplating of writing a novel. I threw my copy of M is For Magic at him and hit him squarely in the groin.

That should teach him.

Currently listening to I Could Not Ask For More by Edwin McCain via Pandora


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