After Thought

20 07 2009
I fear it over. Gladly, I was mistaken.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince conjured a colossal haul in its opening night and I think there is no need for me to remind everyone that it left Transformers in the dust. To use the word blockbuster is too dull a description, conceivably the most successful movie to date given that in its short days in theaters it has taken home a gargantuan earnings even Optimus Prime and Meagan Fox’s trout lips can’t contend. I can’t even begin to imagine how the producers are feeling right about now.

I first heard news that it broke records and earned more than it projected in its opening night via the radio. Soon after, I’ve been reading news after news – both on papers and online – about its quality reviews and impressive domestic and international earnings. To think that there was a resounding uproar last November 2008 when Warner Bros. moved the release date to Summer 2009. There were rumors of boycotts and petitions; I suppose after delivering well in its visual adaptation, the movie that aggravated fans for postponement simply buried the hatchet.

Sadly, some felt the need to have it sit beside the Twilight franchise – honestly people, you think that’s smart? By comparison you can clearly see that it is by far running on full steam whilst the other simply covers a limited spectrum. Don’t get me wrong, I love Twilight. I just think it too recent to be allowed the comparison, especially now that the Harry Potter franchise is considered by pedantic critics to be a classic. The other one so far is still slugging its way around the contemporary.

The nice thing about this is that people – the kind that has a healthy sense of humour and are not too jacked up by the competition –  are having fun with it.

Hysterical laughter followed me soon after. Crude, yeah. But funny for sure.

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