Between Transit

Why do you look so sad?

Josh said staring at me while I paced my email that I’ve read more than twice. I looked up and smiled a sad response.

Do I look sad?

Uhuh. Why? He responded with genuine concern.

I don’t know … is there a reason to be smiling right about now?

Not really, but there isn’t any reason to be sulking either.

I’m not sulking. Go away!

Now you’re just being rude.

And I went back to my reading, trying to wear a smile, trying to while away the hours that seem to drag slowly than usual. I am now slowly growing a steady pity for the moment wasted. I am sitting here letting time fly instead of discovering a better moment, wasting time that could be used for a better memory – a better event.

Josh felt that I didn’t want to be bothered so he took a final glance, studied my trivial woe and walked away.

It may be petty but still wretched nonetheless … pestering.

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