Landscape Photography

28 07 2009

I told my photography teacher that my battery is running low and my creative juice may also be in trouble. Running more than twenty-four hours coming from work and going straight to an eight hour class that involved walking all over U.P. is not at all conducive. But he rallied me to move along …

By this time I wasn’t paying too much attention, I focused on conserving my energy so I can walk around the uni. Here are a few Hardscapes I took:






Frank and Me

27 07 2009

There was this boy named Frank from when I was younger. I met him while he was playing basketball; he was utterly dreamy and all the girls liked him. He was the only son of a fisherman and a lady that brought my family fresh fish everyday. For parents living ever so modestly, he was a strapping young chap who had bright eyes and a mean three pointer.

I had a huge crush on him… and when you’re thirteen, that means love. For you at least.

One day my mom asked me to buy cooking oil after realizing that the amount of sausage we had for lunch was too many for the frying. On my way out, I saw him and his friends walking home after their morning practice. When I passed by him, one of his friends pushed him to me. Our shoulders bumped and I dropped my bottle of cooking oil. He picked it up as fast as he could and handed it back to me. He smiled and apologized for his friend’s behavior; I smiled back and said it was okay. I also secretly thanked his raudy friend.

A day later, I found out that a neighbor who was around my age wanted to meet me; not as a friend but she wanted to size up her competition. I declined. I didn’t want to stoop down her level and she was haplessly one of those young girls who would grow up later on as disgustingly promiscuous. I was out of her league.

While she was simmering in her own vat of putrid jealousy, me and Frank enjoyed our days staring from a distance; I was much too young for love. And according to my cousins, he was much too old for me – funny, that for a thirteen year old, seventeen is apparently too old. Those type of encounters ran until late May, after that he was sent away for college and I never saw him again.

If I met him again today, I’d walk pass him. I can’t even remember how he looked. But I wonder, would he still know my face?

A Compendium

24 07 2009

Suddenly, things looked different, felt different and the hues that outlined the usual spectrum of sights I see everyday are heightened. Over night, in a short span of unobserved time, everything became different.

My heart quickened a little and I found myself tossing and turning in bed; nagging feelings are never nice. Try as you may, the proposed alternative doesn’t come sweet to the palate. It is an obvious preoccupation that slowly eats my productive time… the contents of my head is topsy turvy again. I should not be bothered by these I know, but how can you turn your back to what’s coming your way?

United is taking off.


I’ve decided a week ago, after learning of a traitor’s words that I am not very popular when I am not around (Hah! What’s new?). Meaning, they talk about me behind my back – with the intent to gossip and vilify. Unfortunately for that person, he/ she was none the wiser as hypocrisy is his/ her shadow. I tried to build a professional relationship with the said offender but I soon realize that it was useless. I was taught, with firm persuasion, never to go down with the dogs and I must choose my friends wisely. I had to exercise that and somehow, I rid myself of gossipers, backstabbers, malice and most of all trash.

Big, stinkin’, pus filled trash.


Fily said, I should write about sex to catch people’s attention. I thought, “even if one is not a reader, one is bound to look again if we’re discussing about the S word”. I’m not sure where his comment came from but I acknowledged it by ignoring whatever malice it denotes.

I told him that I am trying to write a novel about a girl and a boy, so that should include some wild, hot, dirty sex in it. He laughed … not because of dirty sex but of the thought that I am even contemplating of writing a novel. I threw my copy of M is For Magic at him and hit him squarely in the groin.

That should teach him.

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Stilettos on Sidewalks

22 07 2009

I watched her cross the street. Each step farther and farther away from me. When she said goodbye, after insisting not to say the word but “see you later”, she walked away and never looked back. I stayed on the other side of the road holding a huge heavy brown bag full of stilettos. She could not bring all her priced shoes so she had me keep them instead. Soon after, I started walking  the opposite direction; looked over my shoulder once to see if I can chance her face in the crowd but she was gone. It pains me that the only decent buddy I find at work is leaving the country for good. Sort of makes me wonder why the hell am I always left behind.

Then it clicks into place, these are stuffs chasing dreams are made of. Sigh.

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22 07 2009

She left me with four of her beautiful shoes … you see, she has a small Imelda in her. We go out and she goes home with a pair, and I can’t count the many times we went out. I am fully aware that by the time this is published she won’t be able to read it; she’ll have too much in her hand – especially goodbyes to her family. I left her with a letter saying everything I wanted to say before she left. I’ve thanked her effusively and I hope I did not come off as unusual (was she high when writing this?). 

I hope, her leaving would mean that she can bring her dreams to her. Canada is so far but we promised to meet again. In the meantime, we’ll be bridging the gap via letters.

Bye Rissa.

After Thought

20 07 2009
I fear it over. Gladly, I was mistaken.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince conjured a colossal haul in its opening night and I think there is no need for me to remind everyone that it left Transformers in the dust. To use the word blockbuster is too dull a description, conceivably the most successful movie to date given that in its short days in theaters it has taken home a gargantuan earnings even Optimus Prime and Meagan Fox’s trout lips can’t contend. I can’t even begin to imagine how the producers are feeling right about now.

I first heard news that it broke records and earned more than it projected in its opening night via the radio. Soon after, I’ve been reading news after news – both on papers and online – about its quality reviews and impressive domestic and international earnings. To think that there was a resounding uproar last November 2008 when Warner Bros. moved the release date to Summer 2009. There were rumors of boycotts and petitions; I suppose after delivering well in its visual adaptation, the movie that aggravated fans for postponement simply buried the hatchet.

Sadly, some felt the need to have it sit beside the Twilight franchise – honestly people, you think that’s smart? By comparison you can clearly see that it is by far running on full steam whilst the other simply covers a limited spectrum. Don’t get me wrong, I love Twilight. I just think it too recent to be allowed the comparison, especially now that the Harry Potter franchise is considered by pedantic critics to be a classic. The other one so far is still slugging its way around the contemporary.

The nice thing about this is that people – the kind that has a healthy sense of humour and are not too jacked up by the competition –  are having fun with it.

Hysterical laughter followed me soon after. Crude, yeah. But funny for sure.

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Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince

17 07 2009

Just this once let’s separate the book from the movie. I am aware that it seems moronic given that the film is lifted from the pages of a tremendously successful literature. Nevertheless, let’s just talk about the film, shall we?

Perhaps it’s safe to say that in this installment the ante is raised to a melancholy fever; telltale signs of an epic and laborious acceptance that the journey is coming to a close is also suggested. And although we know where the armada is headed, we still sit around and allow the moving pictures play our fancy. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is squarely aimed at people who still wishes to believe in fairy tales. Tales that may or may not end in happily ever after and are close to the existentialist truth of life. The build up is a slow burn, encapsulated by the leading characters formation years. It is an epic fight between good and evil, with a primal reminder of how important right choices affect our future. 

As you are all aware, our fantasy world is in peril. The Death Eaters are running amok and even the muggles are feeling the ripples of their nuisance. Dumbledore is out on secret expeditions to gather clues on how the good guys can defeat the Darth Vader of their universe and at the same time Harry is his designated foot soldier. We also meet new faces –Slughorn, McLaggen, Narcissa, Fenrir and more – to thicken the plot.

Throughout the story, normal teenage life weaves in and out, coupled by adolescence all too familiar comedic antic. Ron is suddenly shoved in the limelight – with a grating silly girl in tow. Hermione on the other hand has her wand in a bunch for being unable to handle Ron’s girlfriend, Harry’s sudden unexplained genius and a stalker-ish schoolmate. 

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is not an over the top staggering set piece that sweeps sequence after sequence with explotions and climaxes. But I have no qualms given that Hogwarts is an all too illustrious set piece in itself. The story telling moved gracefully even after cutting numerous corners in order to deliver and sum it up in less than three hours. The characters talking to one another also beef up the narration. What got my attention was the opening sequence which ostentatiously begs to be seen in IMAX.

Radcliffe (Potter) is still a likable presence. Behind his spectacles he bravely carries the character well just as he did in the past. Grint (Weasley) is showing his comedic chops and the great side kick takes a handful of enthusiast in his performance. I liked that he allowed himself into the joke. Watson (Granger) has blossomed into a looker. Yet I’m still waiting for more histrionics; unfortunately her acting still comes short and close to stoic. Felton (Malfoy) finally enjoys a piece of the spotlight. For someone who has a single purpose in the franchise, he has come a long way showing his ability to switch from being vile to a tortured soul.

To sum it up, it is still visually spectacular, the musical score still moves me and I sure hell still feels the hankering desire to go to Hogwarts (or countryside U.K. at least ). But then again, we are just talking about the film. If I have it sit beside the book and draw the parallels, hits and misses that’s an entire thesis to itself.

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