June Wrap Up

Finally, a moment to pause.

I am well aware that I’ve been held up by so many things that most articles this July will either be events/ activities from May and June or drafts scheduled for the past months. I may be shooting myself in the foot for saying this but, I’ll make it my priority that July will cover everything that I failed to write about for the last two months.

I came from a vacation, from sick leave and whatnots but all that will be covered this new month. Pictures, reviews and thoughts – all will have its publication. It should have been perfunctory I know, but what can I do? Sometimes I just end up with more than I can write about.

Looking into my calendar, it seems that July will be a bit easy to moderate. If I can stay cautious and attentive to my schedule, then there shouldn’t be any problem. I just hope I don’t suffer the ignominy of sounding like an echo.

Listening to Tom Alvarez via Monster Radio RX 93.1


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