Predicament and Prudence

I’ve never been so compelled to steal. I felt like the mall idiot last Sunday, walking around trying to decipher right from wrong. What has become of me? I eventually chose what’s right since I was not willing to end up in jail; I am nothing but prudent. The reason for my itchy hand and challenged morals was obviously from my lack of spare money and a book I’ve longed to read. 

I decided to transfer funds from my savings in order to buy it. I’ve placed a temporary abandon on a book I’m currently reading (Bel Canto) so I can start with a mammoth masterpiece. I’ve heard about the great undertaking The Pillars Of The Earth posed but I had no qualms, I’m not afraid of this book – although Oprah was. I wanted to read it more than anything. I am now on page 453 of the 1088 magnum opus. This is going to be the longest novel I’ll read and I’m not even tired – that’s how good it is. 

Also, I was challenged with a movie reservation for Wednesday. Tickets have steadily hiked and I’m starting to feel the truth about it becoming a luxury. Good books and film, oh why do they trouble me? But what really irked me is that the seat I wanted was already taken. I banged my money in the counter for seat J10 instead of my preferred J13. It may be a few seats away, but hell, that’s a prime accommodation so I have all the right to bitch.  And I was reserving it three days in advance – no doubt this movie is going to sell like cheap hot pancakes in a middle of a cold recession.

I learned a new word today – apoplectic. 

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