The Drive

Road trip from the suburb to the city will take hours. Her cousin was to drop her off to see it and he was nice enough to mark her map with the right places and the diners to visit. She will do this alone. She brought with her her mixed CD and portable CD player and plunked it on the dashboard for the drive. He looked at her like she’s lost her mind.

I have satellite radio and an ipod, why do you need to bring that  junk with you? 

She smiled her response, stuck her tongue out and continued to connect the gadget and placed her mixed CD in. When the trees started to line on both sides of the road, she drew her window down and played the track from where she left off.

Track 15: Jealousy by Natalie Merchant

She has an impeccable taste for music; at least that’s what she was told. She sticks a little of her elbow out the truck and allowed her hair to play with the wind. Summer is delicious and like the pages of her favorite book, it was crisp and ready to be discovered.

Track 16: I Will Remember You by Sarah Mclachlan

You’re awfully silent.

I’m just letting the moment sink in.


I’m letting the…

I heard you, I meant …

This is me taking a break. Cut me some slack, will ya?

You’re weirding me out. You’re not dying are you?

She laughed a laugh she haven’t laughed in a long time. Her cousin Mark, knew her to be the rowdy young girl from back in the days and the lady sitting in the car with him is not the same girl she used to know.

Track 17: Lady Picture Show by Stone Temple Pilot

Summer is so beautiful. Isn’t it?

Tell me, why didn’t you talk to him?

We are not talking about that.

We so are … and why not? You use to tell me everything.

Things change.

I haven’t.

I did.

Not fair.

Tell me about it.

He started to feel sorry for her, she sees it in his eyes. She kept her mouth shut but kept a smile at the corner of her lips for the rest of the trip. It doesn’t matter anymore, this is her story. If life has passed her by she understood it. No use kicking and screaming, it would only make her tired. Whatever fragment of issues she has had need not come back nor visited. It will only be true if she insists to refuse her compromise.

Track 18: Selling The Drama by Live


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