The Call

The issues of the past came to her sooner than she thought it would. The phone call she’d been avoiding is now undeniably unavoidable. She took the phone from her aunt who was slowly getting to her nerves. Some people never forget to meddle. She held the phone for what felt like eternity.

Why the hell do they have to tell him I’m here?

She placed the phone to her ear. Never said a word, tried not to breathe. She heard him say hello a few times. He spaced it evenly so he can take more time to gather thoughts. He knew she was already there but wondered and feared the reason for her silence. She supposed he would wait for as long as his minutes would allow. And wait he did.

He said hello again. She gathered every strength she can summon, openned her mouth but no words came outShe hang up the phone, walked to the bathroom and threw up.

She will never be over him.

Listening to 6th Aveneue Heartache by The Wallflowers


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