Paper In The Morning

So much is different now. So much has changed. She sat at the porch waiting for the sun to rise. Looking around and taking notes in her topsy turvy head. Everyone is still asleep.

The smell of the air is different here, she thought. The place is beautiful, like she always knew it was. Even in the twilight it was postcard perfect. Right in front of her is the street; a block of suburb homes. All of which have their well trimmed grass cared for by timed sprinklers and each home dainty as the ones she’s seen in the movie Big. A few minutes later, a boy on his bike started throwing newspapers to each lawn. She stood up to get the family’s copy. The boy looked at her quizzically and stopped.

You new here?

Nope. I use to have your route.

Aren’t you too old to be doing the paper?

Not last year silly. When I was your age.

My name is Sammy.

Hi Sammy.

You didn’t tell me who you are.

I know.


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