A Week After

She looked to the sky and the vast ocean underneath, it’s only blue. She’s a thousand miles up but dreaming to be a thousand miles down. Her bum hurts.


It’s the kick that you feel before take off that drives her to crazy thoughts of danger. She feels the need to lose her dinner and the need to go to the bathroom. She starts breathing heavily, she grabs her armrest with her eyes closed and mumbles a prayer.

The city’s birds eyeview looks like a scene from Star Wars.


The sight of land is awesome. But it’s still not the final leg … she need to change plane. Touching down makes her more spastic than she already is. Counting the hours until she’s home.


She ambled to get her baggage in the overhead bin. Her knees feels like jelly, thanks for the walkalator no need to use them. It’s a few hours from the airport to her destination. She’s counting her blessings, at least she’s on land. The only thing in her mind is a big soft bed, it’s a bee line to that soon after she showers.


Fat chance. When she got home, there were around fifteen smiling faces in front of her. They hugged her clear off the floor and each boomed a misaligned accent. It’s been almost five years. She muffled an answer; a louder cheer this time. Her head feels like it’s about to split.

No sleeping for our traveler.


When she opened her eyes something was different. This was not her room and these were not her sheets and pillows. She remembers.


Breath in, open your eyes, wear a comfortable shoes, bring your windbreaker and take every moment with pleasure … you deserve to be away.

It’s been so long. Hello and Goodbye.

Listening to Only Wanna Be With You by Hootie and the Blowish in her mixed CD playing in her beatup albeit ’90s vintage CD player.


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