June Wrap Up

Finally, a moment to pause.

I am well aware that I’ve been held up by so many things that most articles this July will either be events/ activities from May and June or drafts scheduled for the past months. I may be shooting myself in the foot for saying this but, I’ll make it my priority that July will cover everything that I failed to write about for the last two months.

I came from a vacation, from sick leave and whatnots but all that will be covered this new month. Pictures, reviews and thoughts – all will have its publication. It should have been perfunctory I know, but what can I do? Sometimes I just end up with more than I can write about.

Looking into my calendar, it seems that July will be a bit easy to moderate. If I can stay cautious and attentive to my schedule, then there shouldn’t be any problem. I just hope I don’t suffer the ignominy of sounding like an echo.

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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

transformers-revenge-of-the-fallen-poster-2Ultimately, Michael Bay’s treatment of the classic ‘80s cartoon did not hurt   it at all. If anything, it allowed the regeneration of fans, assembly of more to come and a re-introduction of geeks into coolsville.

We start of where the last one left off. Sam Witwicky (Shia Lebouf) wants a normal life and decides to go to college. Optimus Prime with the help of his unified Autobots is on the hunt of Decepticons that threaten the balance on earth. They have been given the go signal by the U.S. government to operate and perhaps thwart any impending danger posed by his invitation from part one. This is where we anchor the movie and the exposition for the follow-up sets out from there.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen suffered the same mistake it had the first time. I sorely pointed out that in the event of a robot combat they are in dire need of a long shot. When those metals collide it’s not easy to the eyes and it all gets tangled in translation. It would also help if they defined each clashing metal with who’s who by simply applying hues that are not on the same colour wheel.

transformers-revenge-of-the-fallen-movie_stillOther than that, I went home feeling content and planning my next viewing with friends who are unfortunately not with me on the opening day.

Whether you like it or not this much awaited sequel will rake money in the box office, for reasons too numerous to enumerate. Michael Bay’s armada is a mechanized aggressor that even the toughest critics can be convinced to like it. Its hook is a basic kick-ass demolition derby that defies physics (how in the world can big-rig Optimus fly like Bruce Lee?). The images although a little deficient on the long shot, still packs a mean rock-‘em-sock-‘em face off. There is a lot of noise, comedy and action in this one. The story telling is also swift and the treading of the movie are both busy and talky.

Transformers-Revenge-of-the-Fallen-movie stillShia Lebouf (Sam Witwicky) did not carry the movie as much as he did in the first one, although his purpose was justified. He works well with his antics and he is also decent delivering a little drama. Just a shame, some of his lines doesn’t hold up because of the rapid pacing.  Meagan Fox (Mikaela – darn I can’t spell) on the other hand is hella fun running on slow ‘mo. She was played in a fratboy fantasy light and so far she served her purpose.

Maybe in my second viewing, I’ll see the holes in the plot. I may realize there’s too much of the parents in there. I might conclude that John Turturro need not drop his pants the second time. Or I may write a letter to Mr. Bay demanding an explanation on why Josh Duhamel had so little screen time. Yet the truth will always come to light every time I watch it, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is fun – Both on the visual presentation and the musical score.

Trust that there will be a grand ambivalence between fans and haters. But if you ask me, I sure hell liked it.



Predicament and Prudence

I’ve never been so compelled to steal. I felt like the mall idiot last Sunday, walking around trying to decipher right from wrong. What has become of me? I eventually chose what’s right since I was not willing to end up in jail; I am nothing but prudent. The reason for my itchy hand and challenged morals was obviously from my lack of spare money and a book I’ve longed to read. 

I decided to transfer funds from my savings in order to buy it. I’ve placed a temporary abandon on a book I’m currently reading (Bel Canto) so I can start with a mammoth masterpiece. I’ve heard about the great undertaking The Pillars Of The Earth posed but I had no qualms, I’m not afraid of this book – although Oprah was. I wanted to read it more than anything. I am now on page 453 of the 1088 magnum opus. This is going to be the longest novel I’ll read and I’m not even tired – that’s how good it is. 

Also, I was challenged with a movie reservation for Wednesday. Tickets have steadily hiked and I’m starting to feel the truth about it becoming a luxury. Good books and film, oh why do they trouble me? But what really irked me is that the seat I wanted was already taken. I banged my money in the counter for seat J10 instead of my preferred J13. It may be a few seats away, but hell, that’s a prime accommodation so I have all the right to bitch.  And I was reserving it three days in advance – no doubt this movie is going to sell like cheap hot pancakes in a middle of a cold recession.

I learned a new word today – apoplectic. 

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Getting Lost

She woke up late and found a note in her bed stand. Home alone on a weekend. Perfect.

Barefoot and wearing a three size too large t-shirt, she ambled in the kitchen. Her plate for breakfast, prepared early, so that meant her bacons was not crisp anymore. Good thing she doesn’t eat bacon.

She nuked her eggs and toast. Ate. Took a shower and wore her comfortable shoes. In the garage are two vehicles. A ’93 Durango and a mountain bike. She took the mountain bike and went to see more of the neighbourhood.

For a breif moment she pedalled without direction, just looking, just smelling. It was her innate nature to seek and explore, her wide-eyed personality amidst the silence of her lips, speak volumes of her desires. And the brief moment paced silently; without tracking time, she continued to pedal.

By noon, she was lost and can not be bothered.


The little peace she has invited while on vacation is seeping in fast. She feels happy and content. It seems that life is on the right side up.

She asked to be left in the park. Her cousin will pick her up after his shift in the clinic … that should be before dusk. In her ears is her old headset from her old portable CD player. This was the same old player she used when she was here the last time. She is forming a habit.

The Soundtrack Of Her Life (from her mixed CD) played the entire day.

  1. Free To Decide by The Cranberries
  2. Champagne Supernova by Oasis
  3. A Long December by the Counting Crows
  4. Diggin On You by TLC
  5. Only Wanna Be With You by Hootie and the Blowfish
  6. Who Will Save Your Soul by Jewel
  7. As I Lay Me Down By Sophie B Hawkins
  8. Secret Garden by Bruce Springsteen
  9. You Were Meant For Me by Jewel
  10.  Everyday Is A Winding Road by Sheryl Crow
  11. Breakfast At Tiffany’s by Deep Blue Something
  12. Wonder by Natalie Merchant
  13. Sunny Came Home by Shawn Colvin
  14. All I Wanna Do by Sheryl Crow
  15. Jealousy by Natalie Merchant
  16. I Will Remember You by Sarah Mclachlan
  17. Lady Picture Show by Stone Temple Pilots
  18. Selling The Drama by Live
  19. Until I Hear It From You by Gin Blossoms

Hours ticked and she took very many pictures. She said hi to strangers and they smiled back to her. She had a proper veggie hotdog,  fresh lemonade and fed her leftovers to the swans in the pond. Hah! Very Americana, if she should say so. She also watched young boys practice skateboard stunts, they didn’t mind. Sitting on the benches, she looked far –  wishing things, praying, reviewing her life and missing people she lost in her journey. Soon time was no more. Her cousin was honking his horns like mad. She needed to come back home.

It was just about time, she was already hugging herself because of the rising chill. There were no more people in the park but her. Walking the short distance, she looked back in the pond and the bench. The sky was now purplish pink… the sight’s heavenly. She took a good look around. Breathed. Closed her eyes. In the bench she scratched her name and the words was here ’09.


The drive home meant closed eyes by the passenger seat. She was saving the day in her mind, trying to lock it in her memories. She wishes to remember this day forever. Peace don’t come by that often.