It has been a very still night. The dark shadow of trees from a distance is not moved by the nonexistent air. The heavens are decked with clouds and the humidity is mugging. If there was a moon tonight, I wouldn’t know. I’m listening to the Act II, Scene 13 of the opera Agrippina (Pensieri, Voi Mi Tormentate). It’s a beautiful aria but it would have been more moving and profound if it was raining.

rorschach inkblot I stood in my terrace staring at the beautiful night waiting for a breeze to come by. The city has been asleep for hours and the very little calm it offers sinks to my senses with ease. I need to cleanse my spirit, the kind that does not relate to religion, just me and my state of being.

The horizon flashed a vision of a plane gaining altitude. It looks stunning; I can say this now because of the vast distance that disassociate me from its noise. People carry on with their comings and goings. I insist to stay put. I breathe in more fresh air and I soothed my mind further. Very little thought course through my mind, I try not to be bothered.

I should be sleeping, I know. But the night is too tempting I can’t just sleep it off. It’s not everyday you get this calm, it would be such a waste to just let it go.

The thing about the darkness is it hides you. It seeps through every corner and lets you rest in its arms. You are not troubled with the many things that surrounds you, it tucks the nuisance away. The very little light that tries to grapple to every edge it may reach is still weak compared to the vast night. Unlike what most people think, the night is safe. We are the ones that bring it destructive meaning. We are the ones that disgrace it. If anything, the night is a friend; it is a peaceful shield,  a calm interlude and a seemingly suspended moment.

The night continues to be still and I’m dreaming of rain. Hah! Dreaming, I’m not even in my bed.

Currently listening to “Moonlight” (Piano Sonata No.14, Op. 27, In C-Sharp Minor) via Launchcast


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