Fried Day

22 05 2009

I was supposed to be writing a movie review today. Instead I got stuck running errands for documents to be processed. I had to run to the bank, post office, submit documents for my social security and get my birth certificate photocopied. I’ve forgotten the tedium of the system, how slow the lines move and how short my patience can get.

I had to commute by myself in order to run my plan without a snag. I swear it’s such a drag and the weather is not at all accommodating (been sweating like a pig, this humidity is suffocating). Hopefully before the date set for June all will be well and I don’t have to cram or rush on things.

Towards the end of the day, a bunch of friends asked if I wanted to join them have an early dinner in Teriyaki Boy. I gladly said ‘yes’, took a cab as soon as my work was over and splashed on a bit of cologne. I ordered Kani Salad and Spicy Salmon Gunkan –  which has always been my favorite – and asked every one what they’ve been up to. We had a very nice time and decided to jump to the next restaurant for our dessert. I recommended Via Mare (so we can sample on some local sweets) and everyone was happy to follow. The raucous story-swapping continued and summed to four noisy restaurateurs loaded with sugar.

Soon after, we all separated ways. The rest headed for home but I went back to the office to look into my email and created a list for tomorrows ‘to do’.

Why do I insist on these things?

Listening to Scar Tissue by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers via Launchcast




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