Yellow Lights

13 05 2009

The SorceressI am so frekin’ stoked for the third instalment of The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel. My friend in Sydney said they’ll be getting a copy by June 1, last I checked we’re getting our copy in this side of the globe by late May.

I wonder how Apple will react if she finds out I’m on the third instalment when she hasn’t even started Book One. She’s fairly odd; she likes to read but would never buys the book … always borrowing. Not that I mind but I hope she realizes how nice it is to collect all the books you love.


DeadpoolI thought that the character of Wade Wilson in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine has something going on. I was actually right.

The actor playing Deadpool, is slatted to have his own X-Men Origins spinoff. Although it sounds a little dubious (I can hear studio execs saying, “let’s just juice it for whatever it’s worth”), I’d like to see how they’ll spin things around and make it worth the watch. The big wigs are supposed to know what they are doing and as long as they know that it’s a potential money maker, no recession, angry comicbook fans or lousy Wolverine review will stop them.

Ahh, the power of ignorance and money. Unbelievable.


I’ve stopped watching American Idol, just when it’s about to finish.

paula abdulLost track last three week ago and I’m basically just shrugging it off even if I can easily and simply flick the t.v. remote. I just can’t be bothered by the blah blah that’s happening anymore. Plus, that drugged out, incoherent, language-challenged Paula Abdul is fast becoming an irritant. Before, you can simply let it pass by laughing at her. Now she’s just outright wasted. Not to mention a complete waste of space.

I just hope she leaves the show soon. Beside Kara, Randy and Simon, she has become a retard. She’s beginning to infuriate me.


I’ve just gone and called Shang Cineplex to ask for a movie’s showtime. I also asked how much it is and learned that they’ve hiked their prices. I usually watch during the weekdays but given that I had things to arrange last week, it was pushed aside.

Why do they have to raise their price? Arggh!


4861453_stdWould you believe me if I told you I have Harry Potter’s Marauder’s Map? It might just be a replica, but yeah, I do have one.

So rad!


 Currently listening to It’s Not My Time by 3 Doors Down via Launchcast




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