Got Read

I got a hold of The Time Traveler’s Wife last Monday and promised myself not to start reading until the weekends. I’m now on page 29.

I just can’t stop myself from peeking.

National BookstorePowerBooks ran low on copies and I soon found myself empty handed months ago. They haven’t replenished their stocks until today. So when I saw one copy, lying at the bottom of a shelf in National Bookstore, I immediately tucked it and headed straight to the cashier. Although I like the feel of hardbound in my hand – and it’s almost always easier to the eyes – trade paperback is not that bad when you’ve been craving to read it for the longest time.

I was reminded by a novelist friend of mine that I need to read more romance novels as I am her only friend who is not familiar with romance big wigs such as … such as … well I’m sure you know a few. I’ve been pondering deeply of her proposition (that I’ll be more cheerful and less jaded once I’ve covered a proper romance novel), so here I am itching to just dump every chore and work in order to finish The Time Traveler’s Wife.

With the twenty nine pages I’ve read, I’ve a moderate insight of what it is. From what I’ve gathered it’s about a man who time travels (duh!) and the relationship he has with the people he meets along the way. It also tells the story of his lover Clare who is torn from losing him anytime and meeting him either in the past or in the future.

This may not be the usual straight up romance novel as it is spun around a fictional genetic disorder. My interest perhaps is tripped because it has a hint of fantasy in it… we all know that’s the genre I mostly go for.

Look at me, jumping ahead of myself. I’ll tell you more about it when I’m done with the book. Right now I just have to focus on work and the eleven people I handle as I’ve been away for a bit due to injuries. I’ll have to catch up on a lot of things and I’m sure I’d be too preoccupied to remember my hankering to finish this book.


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