Sick But Mostly Injured


The inside of my right arm.

Last Thursday, I was told by the doctor to stay at home and rest for the next three days. I would also have to go back to get follow up tests.

My cough and cold have decided to up the ante so I’m now heavily medicated. Plus I’m injured from a violent encounter last Thursday morning. The inside of my right arm is covered in bruises (and when I say covered, I do not mean that lightly), my left elbow is still wrapped in gauze, my left knee still swollen, my lower left abdomen bruised and peppered with shallow cuts. I atleast can say that I have an idea what hurting like hell means. I managed to get my wounds cleaned this morning but it was so excruciatingly painful that I stayed in the bathroom cussing and pining for more than an hour. I still can’t properly lift both my arms and I’m still working on my grip (as I temporarily lost it), although I can walk just fine I resolved to covering a limited floor area. It’s times like these you’d rather stay put.

My used to be swollen knee

My swollen knee

I made a decision not to take the pain killers they gave me. If I can still handle it, I will take none of the things they said I should (save the flu meds). I can still program my brain to look past the pain. Besides the two harrowing tetanus shots was all the pain I needed to tell me I can endure any other subsequent aches. I now have the customary pains that usually result from that violent event, which means I can hardly move. So I’m here lying in my bed, watching videos in You Tube.

I still can’t write about what transpired but have it known that I protected myself as best I could (Hint: it involved a car). I’m alright, thank God I’m made of tough stuff so there’s no need to worry. Although the wounds in my left arm will leave a nasty scar, and I’ll be bitching about that until heaven knows when.

Currently Listening To Second Chance by Shinedown via Launchcast


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