I’m going down with something. The weather has managed to become more weird than it already is and as a result, I now have an immensely dry cough coupled with intermittent sneezing. The plan for today was to go the gym and get a peddy; instead, I’m stuck at home watching daytime talk shows that have no interest to me.

After an hour of flicking channels and not finding anything worth watching, I headed to my family’s DVD collection and stared in deep thought. I soon found myself reaching for our old copy of The Fast and The Furious. Possibly because I was just talking to a friend a few days back about this movie and I remembered that I haven’t seen it for some time.

Soon after, I came back from the kitchen with a bowl of oatmeal, popped the disc in the player, plunked myself at the sofa, and watched. The novelty hasn’t faded and I still find myself amused and entertained. A cousin of mine who’s into cars once told me that Nitrous Oxide should never be called NOS as it will mean Nitric Oxide Synthase (whatever hell that is), but NOS seem edgier to say than Nitrous so I’ll let it fly.

After that, I had lunch (chicken curry, yummm) and continued downloading more songs for a friend’s wedding. I have a few that I thought would be appropriate for the event:

Butterfly Kisses – Bob Carlisle
Debussy – Claire DeLune
Everything – Jason Mraz
Forevermore – Side A
Ikaw – Regine Velasquez
Ikaw Lamang _ Janno Gibbs and Jaya
It Might Be You – Stephen Bishop
Love Me Tender – Elvis Prestley
Love Moves In Mysterious Ways – Nina
The Gift – Jum Brickman

So far Come What May from the Moulin Rouge OST is on top of my list. I think it’s brilliant.


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