Fast And Furious

fast_and_furious A few years ago, I saw The Fast And The Furious. Like any young blood too insipid to process things properly, I felt the need to drive our beat up Toyota to the streets of the city and egg anyone to race. But I remember my promise to never be behind the wheel because of my temper and decided to live vicariously by watching the movie many times over.

That movie tapped the underground visceral scene of city nights that it soon became one of the most applauded drag race movie ever. This same medium also brought the names Vin Diesel and Paul Walker to superstardom.

Fast forward to the last remaining grains of the first decade of the new millennium, we find Dom Toretto and Brian O’Connor slugging it still in the dirty streets of America.  Fast and Furious is the real sequel to The Fast and The Furious. Something fans, including me, have been wishing the movie gods to make (and none of those Tokyo Stink and 2prank 2curious stuff). We wanted the original crew to come back, we wanted the two-faced good guy Brian and the well-meaning thief Dom, driving testosterone induced hot rods with flashy gadgets.

When it finally came, it did not disappoint. Fast and Furious, continued the story and jumped off from a fresh narrative five years later. We find Dom with his long time girlfriend, still into thievery with the law hot on their heels. What’s ideal about this sequel is it starts where the first one left off — hot, fast cars and big money at stake. But something will derail the balance of this organized chaos; Dom leaves Letty and soon receives a call from his sister that someone from their crew was murdered.

scene-from-fast-furiousBrian on the other hand is trying to get back on the good graces of his FBI bosses. His promotion also means that he is fully aware of the Bureau’s activities in hunting Dom. He seeks a suspect in the streets of California and gets a name that he can use to build a case. What case? We don’t know yet. Soon things get ugly because as much as he tries not to, he still cares for the Toretto’s and if Dom comes home for a funeral his buddy ends in jail, or worse. Realizing that he has a lead to a shaky case, he manoeuvres to get A-class cars to race and to perhaps tail Dom to ensure his safety.

These chain of events will finalize as to how the sequel came about but before we realize that Dom and Brian is fighting a multimillion dollar drug cartel, we are shell shocked. We remember what it was that drove us to this movie – Nitro blazing, tire burning and hot metn (or girls) breaking traffic rules. Flashing vivid orchestra of cars and drivers … and we are five years old again on Christmas Day. Whew!.

fast-and-furiousThere are so many complex twists and turns in Fast and Furious and you really have to keep focused, but it’s not difficult. Any ADD/ADHD issue you may have is no problem here because you will give your attention with little to no effort. The tag line of the movie is: New model. Original parts. Which is very true and incredibly appropriate. All the blows and whistles the first movie used was resurrected in this one and it seems odd that Diesel and Walker don’t get along at all in real life but this one right here, sure crushes any lack of chemistry.

The first movie sort of makes sweet love with cars and if it were alive, it would have its name in the rolling credits. Come to think of it, the real star in the first movie was the car. Fast and Furious on the other hand uses it for straight up vehicular purposes, not so much as a co-star. We don’t see much of drivers caressing their cars like it were their girlfriend or someone they can take home to mom, but that can be overlooked because of their astonishing driving. And I like the soundtrack too. You will normally find me listening to alternative rock but somehow the vibe of the ensemble just allows you to smoothly switch gear.

Fast and Furious may not make the same noise like the original but I will not deny that it is thoroughly entertaining. The cars are still fast and the things they put under the hood of this movie works well like a Toyota Prius Hybrid. Ahh, the good ol’ times.

Ratings: starstarstarstarstar_21


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