Dragon Ball (2009)

dragonball-evolution-2009-posterFirst off don’t confuse the anime to the live action, and don’t confuse it with the one titled Z. This one is supposedly the origins of the legend.

But let me tell you something about the movie I just saw … Dragon Ball Evolution was a complete waste of effort. It had one mistake after another and the story was visibly thin. There I’ve got it off my chest without saying any profanity.

Good Grace! This one is a huge feat of failure and I can’t even begin to describe how sad I was for the people who signed up for it. First, they take a widely popular animation to live action and placed it in a setting so out of this world it broke all sense of topography –where in the world did that lava lake came from? Remember the basic rules of film making, it has to still be logistically realistic. Two, they hyped it in a way most hosed down Asian to Hollywood adaptation do – stale. Then they had the audacity to just assume everyone knows what Dragon Ball is.Son Goku and Bulma

In the movies first few minutes, I was already regretting the time I’ll be spending in waste. When the narration decided to jump from a fight scene to a mushy grandson-grandpa talk, I just got lost. The people I was with, who had no idea what the cartoon was, went about the movie dazed and confused. It would be nice to say that they didn’t know what was going on half the time, but it wasn’t just half the time … it was the entire time. So many things were undefined and half baked. We were just laughing that they allowed a white guy be named Goku without so much as a decent solid backstory. It’s bad enough that we have a ridiculous name and haircut, but letting it ride on the pretence that this is alright and the audience will catch our drift is just brainless.

piccoloAnd don’t even get me started with Piccolo. Isn’t he supposed to be this formidable evil tyrant that is uber powerful? Then why did I barely see him and when I got the chance he just came across as lame. Where is the harbinger of death, where is the destruction, where is fear and damnation? All he ever did was successfully dry a body of water. His right hand assasin (forgot her name), was far more scarier than he is. I can hear collective rage from all fans of this great anime.

Dragon Ball Evolution is both nonsensical, disrespectful and an outright waste.

 Ratings: star_half4star_2star_2star_2star_2


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