Got Read

I got a hold of The Time Traveler’s Wife last Monday and promised myself not to start reading until the weekends. I’m now on page 29.

I just can’t stop myself from peeking.

National BookstorePowerBooks ran low on copies and I soon found myself empty handed months ago. They haven’t replenished their stocks until today. So when I saw one copy, lying at the bottom of a shelf in National Bookstore, I immediately tucked it and headed straight to the cashier. Although I like the feel of hardbound in my hand – and it’s almost always easier to the eyes – trade paperback is not that bad when you’ve been craving to read it for the longest time.

I was reminded by a novelist friend of mine that I need to read more romance novels as I am her only friend who is not familiar with romance big wigs such as … such as … well I’m sure you know a few. I’ve been pondering deeply of her proposition (that I’ll be more cheerful and less jaded once I’ve covered a proper romance novel), so here I am itching to just dump every chore and work in order to finish The Time Traveler’s Wife.

With the twenty nine pages I’ve read, I’ve a moderate insight of what it is. From what I’ve gathered it’s about a man who time travels (duh!) and the relationship he has with the people he meets along the way. It also tells the story of his lover Clare who is torn from losing him anytime and meeting him either in the past or in the future.

This may not be the usual straight up romance novel as it is spun around a fictional genetic disorder. My interest perhaps is tripped because it has a hint of fantasy in it… we all know that’s the genre I mostly go for.

Look at me, jumping ahead of myself. I’ll tell you more about it when I’m done with the book. Right now I just have to focus on work and the eleven people I handle as I’ve been away for a bit due to injuries. I’ll have to catch up on a lot of things and I’m sure I’d be too preoccupied to remember my hankering to finish this book.


17 Again

17-again-posterI’m none the wiser when it comes to the HSM phenom so excuse me if the opportune moment came when I felt the need to just get off bed and chance a movie. The reason I was dragged to this was not because I’m a fan. Let’s just clear that before anyone here concludes something else. It was all but curiosity.

So how was 17 Again? First, I had to remind my friend to shut it when she continually commented that she has seen this movie before. It got annoying so I had to explain to her that pubescent audience, which was the focal point of this movie’s commercialism, befits a thin-sure-formula that will not over shadow the protagonist – the main kaching kaching maker of the whole armada. So there was no need to put a thinking cap on, this isn’t Tom Hank’s Big.

Second, the teenybopper beside me kept squealing in each auspicious moment the Efron guy is making a jab at comedic performance. It got irritatingly functional as it became my cue to work out why so many go gaga over him. Hmm, those eyes really are something.

So far, I was entertained. The movie used an old 80’s formula that allows coming of age transpire when you’re middle aged.  Pro forma of the past meets adult know how of the present, we see the protagonist waltz his life poetically and seemingly able to reconnect with a life he thought he lost.

17_again_11The story unfolds after a magical janitor, asks Mike O’Donnel if he wants to do it all again and make things right. He had been living a life of what could have beens and is at a tipping point of his career and family. We then find him one morning as this cutesy tousled hair boy sloshing around his bestfriend Ned’s house. He starts cleaning his act by mentoring both his son and daughter. Given that he was distant to them as a father, he presumes that approaching them as a friend would help. But jinks follows Mike as he starts making untoward advances to his 38 year old wife in his 17 year old body. He also ends up making her daughter think that he is in love with her.

The maturation of 17 Again was rather blah for me. The trailer sort of used up all the clever hooks and nothing much was left for the movie. But I at least felt entertained on every attempt to be funny and heartfelt (I liked the letter reading when he wasn’t really reading anything). Perhaps because I am not the demographic spotlight of this movie, it flew above my head. I can suggest a rental though (buying the DVD would be a waste of space and money).

I also identified something impervious for the legions of screaming fans of Zac Efron: There is an unforced talent inside the squeaky clean package of this guy. But until he exits his matinee idol status and starts diving to multifarious characters, he will be a perpetual dancing testosterone.

Ratings: star2star2star_half5star_22star_22

Sick But Mostly Injured


The inside of my right arm.

Last Thursday, I was told by the doctor to stay at home and rest for the next three days. I would also have to go back to get follow up tests.

My cough and cold have decided to up the ante so I’m now heavily medicated. Plus I’m injured from a violent encounter last Thursday morning. The inside of my right arm is covered in bruises (and when I say covered, I do not mean that lightly), my left elbow is still wrapped in gauze, my left knee still swollen, my lower left abdomen bruised and peppered with shallow cuts. I atleast can say that I have an idea what hurting like hell means. I managed to get my wounds cleaned this morning but it was so excruciatingly painful that I stayed in the bathroom cussing and pining for more than an hour. I still can’t properly lift both my arms and I’m still working on my grip (as I temporarily lost it), although I can walk just fine I resolved to covering a limited floor area. It’s times like these you’d rather stay put.

My used to be swollen knee

My swollen knee

I made a decision not to take the pain killers they gave me. If I can still handle it, I will take none of the things they said I should (save the flu meds). I can still program my brain to look past the pain. Besides the two harrowing tetanus shots was all the pain I needed to tell me I can endure any other subsequent aches. I now have the customary pains that usually result from that violent event, which means I can hardly move. So I’m here lying in my bed, watching videos in You Tube.

I still can’t write about what transpired but have it known that I protected myself as best I could (Hint: it involved a car). I’m alright, thank God I’m made of tough stuff so there’s no need to worry. Although the wounds in my left arm will leave a nasty scar, and I’ll be bitching about that until heaven knows when.

Currently Listening To Second Chance by Shinedown via Launchcast


I’m going down with something. The weather has managed to become more weird than it already is and as a result, I now have an immensely dry cough coupled with intermittent sneezing. The plan for today was to go the gym and get a peddy; instead, I’m stuck at home watching daytime talk shows that have no interest to me.

After an hour of flicking channels and not finding anything worth watching, I headed to my family’s DVD collection and stared in deep thought. I soon found myself reaching for our old copy of The Fast and The Furious. Possibly because I was just talking to a friend a few days back about this movie and I remembered that I haven’t seen it for some time.

Soon after, I came back from the kitchen with a bowl of oatmeal, popped the disc in the player, plunked myself at the sofa, and watched. The novelty hasn’t faded and I still find myself amused and entertained. A cousin of mine who’s into cars once told me that Nitrous Oxide should never be called NOS as it will mean Nitric Oxide Synthase (whatever hell that is), but NOS seem edgier to say than Nitrous so I’ll let it fly.

After that, I had lunch (chicken curry, yummm) and continued downloading more songs for a friend’s wedding. I have a few that I thought would be appropriate for the event:

Butterfly Kisses – Bob Carlisle
Debussy – Claire DeLune
Everything – Jason Mraz
Forevermore – Side A
Ikaw – Regine Velasquez
Ikaw Lamang _ Janno Gibbs and Jaya
It Might Be You – Stephen Bishop
Love Me Tender – Elvis Prestley
Love Moves In Mysterious Ways – Nina
The Gift – Jum Brickman

So far Come What May from the Moulin Rouge OST is on top of my list. I think it’s brilliant.

Wedding Songs

I’m helping a friend gather some wedding songs for her wedding. Me and the rest of the click are helping her put her special day together and we’re almost done.

I’m not into love songs … none of those mushy stuff ever appealed to me (if there were any, I have just a handful in my list) so I had to ask around. Mona and Irene sent some nice ones that I think will appeal to Jen. I’ll have the other’s listen to it first before I burn it. Here are some good ones we’ll be playing:

All My Life – KC and Jojo
At Last – Etta James
Back At One – Brian McKnight
Beautiful -Jason Mraz
Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Michael Buble
Endless Love – Diana Ross
Everything – Lifehouse
Everything – Michael Buble
Everything I Do, I Do It For You – Bryan Adams
Everytime I Close My Eyes – Babyface
From This Moment – Shania Twain
God Bless The Broken Road – Rascal Flatts
Here And Now – Luther Vandross
I’m Yours – Jason Mraz
Spend My Life – Eric Benet and Tamia
The Prayer – Celine Dion and Andrea Bocceli
This I Swear – Nick Lachey

Now I only have to work on my dress. I already have a champagne gold shoes ready and my hair and makeup appointment. I just have to make sure that I don’t pick the wrong dress and over shadow everyone, most especially the bride… that would be horrible.