Drawing With Light

I’ve just gone back from my photography class.

It was a complete information overload for four straight hours: three hours lecture, an hour field application test (photo shoot and trying to run away from mall guards because we have no permits), and a few minutes of critiquing our applied knowledge.

I submitted seven pictures of building structures and five finished with two thumbs up. I was the one with the smallest number of return but in ratio, had the most quality. The best feedback I got from my teacher was when he said one can be used as a wallpaper. He said it with such enthusiasm, I forgot that I failed to answer a seemingly simple question earlier that day (By using only your eyes and not your camera, what is the Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed of the table stand we are using? Take into account that we are indoors.). That brought a huge smile in my face. He liked my approach, he liked the composition and somehow I found the symmetry he was talking about. I was able to invoke emotions with subjects like air-conditioning vents and metal locks. The geometric shapes and unusual perspective jumped off the picture with a universal approach. I never knew photography has math in it… I sort of just resolved myself that it consumes only art.

You might be looking for the top five photographs; well you won’t see it … yet. I made a decision to hold it for the meantime. I am documenting everything and I’ll publish all pictures taken from my class in two months time. Right now my big assignment is to familiarize myself on all blows and whistles my camera can offer. I also have to learn how to appropriately and manually set it under time pressure (15 seconds). I am now going to forget that it has Auto Photo Shoot for twilight, aperture priority, portrait, landscape, high-speed shutter and more.

After I’ve completely mastered my manual settings, my next lessons will be Portrait Photography, followed by Still-Life and Landscape. I’ll give myself ample time to practice these subjects before I move to Natural Photo Editing and Web Publishing. That seems to be the usual progression of things, even if each only sturnly needs a basic digital photography lesson.

Suddenly I am learning so much. And slowly, like a phoenix being born again, my digital camera is beginning to cease as a digital compact camera – because it’s not. Soon I will not smell my fear when I present pictures to anyone, because even as a hobbyist, I now have the chutzpah backed with lessons.


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