watchmenWatchmen creator Alan Moore’s 12-part comic series is about an altered America falling into dystopia. It also has a level of coolness still unknown to me … or maybe not – no thanks to director Zack Snyder.

It’s the 80’s and the world as we know it is in the brink of nuclear war. No one can fix it, not even the unrelenting re-elected Nixon. The masked heroes of the past have now suffered old age, psychological deficiencies, homosexuality, and personal issues. The golden age is over and now they are outlaws lost in translation. But when a prominent washed out hero dies under dubious circumstances, the fire is lit again for one comrade to set things straight. By now we realize that the world has fallen to a dismal deranged state.

The opening of the movie will introduce you to the Minutemen; a cohort of well meaning people with heightened abilities wanting to make the world a better place. There is a definite information overload that sums up the need to read the original graphic novels but we are tweaked with curiosity and delight over its aesthetically filled film-noir like shots, that we stay for nearly three hours. watchmen2As the story progress, we learn their back-story and the thin line that separates them from their celebrated past to their tattered present, as it is blurred to a heartbreaking reality

“What has happened to us? What has happened to the American dream?” The movie starts its long journey explaining the world with superheroes as a staple to a world ridden with thugs and economic turmoil.

Watchmen have been running in our local theatres for two weeks and having to wait for my schedule to clear was agony. I finally found time and reserved the matinee for Tuesday and wished for luck that it was worth moving my errands around it. And then I realized that my high hopes was holding on to thin candor. This movie is a riddled adaptation that insists to move on a glacial pace. The strategy became non-value to the already complex novel. So far, what they achieved is nothing but convoluted ideas that is both bogged and shaky. watchmen-preview

By saying that, I do not mean that this movie sucked, it may not be great, yet it delivered modest entertainment – and I don’t mean its hefty sexual illustrations, but of its imagery. Although I walked out of the theatre wondering what in the world did the movie accomplish, I was quite happy with how the colour (or the lack of it) and score mashed up.

I’m not going to over analyse the objectives and turning points of Watchmen but have it known that my silence only mean my unexpressed disappointment of its substantial loose ends.I just hope when directors and producers decide to make a movie out of graphic novels, they don’t feel the need to 300-ize it.




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