Early Morning

I woke up around 6:16 in the morning after receiving a message from my mom that she has boarded her plane just fine. She should be taking off any minute now. I knew no one will be preparing my breakfast so I got up, not minding my tousled hair, and headed for the kitchen.

After opening the fridge, I pondered on what to cook. We have enough food to last us the next four or five days – but after that I would have to go to the market myself –  so thoughts of different menu while mom’s away dashed around my half asleep consciousness. I poked my head in the freezer and realized that she packed frozen ready to thaw and cook items, she sure knows how to take care of us even while vacationing. I figured to just make my morning a little simpler.  This is the first time in a very long time I’m going to prepare breakfast, I can’t remember the last time I ever cooked for everyone this early in the day.

First off, sunny side up. That should be easy. I took some olive oil and heated the pan. While chopping the veggies to be buttered and lightly salted, I turned my heat on low so the eggs won’t burn. After cooking two eggs and reheating the fish we had last night, it was time for the veggies to be sautéed.

While at it, I thinly sliced some strawberries to be mixed with yogurt. I placed some jams on the bread and topped my veggies with a little more butter. I thought of preparing some tea, but thought otherwise. I think I’ll just have water. In case my brother would want some other drink, like coffee, he can easily just prepare it himself – besides he’ll wake up, what, around three in the afternoon?

After I’m done cooking, I cleaned the kitchen counter and headed to the living room for my breakfast and morning news. It was nice and I was content.

Oh wait, if mom’s not around does this also mean I need to run chores in the house? Darnit!


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