Lady In The Window

The Laperal House in Baguio

The Laperal House in Baguio where I took my first ghost photo. If you look closely, this picture is riddled with orbs

So how do you follow A Haunting?

In all honesty, I don’t know how. Only because I’m still shaking. I did a good job showing the picture to everyone I know and somehow it reached even those I haven’t been acquainted with via this blog. It was difficult to ignore. Like what my boss said, people have a fascination with ghosts. Yet, I felt shaken to the core confronted by the dead. I’ve been scratching my head over asking myself what drives them to stay even after knowing that they’re already dead. Do they still have emotions? Feelings of need? Or perhaps, an objective like that of the living?

I wonder, who can she be? Why is she still here? Why did she choose to stay in that abandoned manor? Has she done something so grave (no pun intended) that she’s too scared to face her judgment? Or is she waiting for someone? If she is, why does she have to haunt the house?

What is her story?

I went and researched but nothing came up. There are times when I look into the picture and I see a different expression. Sometimes she’s angry and sometimes she’s sad. I don’t want to channel her and I’m doing my darndest best not to see her face inside my head but I continue to wonder ever so deeply.

Until I can put an answer to my questions, she will be in my prayers.


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