I was awoken by my mobile phone twittering and vibrating across my bed stand. I reached out with my eyes closed and with difficult resolve, I opened one eye with a lid that felt like weights.

“Congratulations, you won”.

It was 7:42 in the morning and I remember hitting the sheets around 3am. This is supposed to be my weekends (within a weekday), why are they interrupting me?

No race today, so I’m nonchalantly shoving anything that relates to work. Besides, the planes will fly with or without me. But I was already rather tweaked. Rissa, my friend and officemate, will never be a bother especially with nonsensical messages. So what is she so happy about? Was it the lottery? Was it the brand new Porche I saw at the show room? I don’t remember joining any raffle. But wait …

And I woke up with a start, sitting on my bed wondering what she was talking about. I grabbed my phone again which I unknowingly shoved under my pillow.

I won the photo contest. Un-bah-leee-vah-ble! The picture is now streamed in every PC in the company as a screensaver. I made the unlikely happen. Me and my passion for inanimate objects, like books, slugged it’s way around and got the 2nd most highest vote amongst numerous entries – that seem to spell professional camera, skilled photographer and studio shots. What’s most amazing is, the rest spoke of lurid celebration of love (which is the theme of the contest); the one I have spoke of mute affections none too strong to stand against love for family and friends. The one I have played with the good lighting of my room and my mobile phone flashlight. It was all too simple.

2nd_place Love Shots Photo Contest

My head is now throbbing. Shooting up in bed like that is never right. But at least, I am now beginning to remember what exactly I was aiming for when I bought my camera.

Currently listening to The Fear by Lily Allen via Monster Radio RX93.1


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