Got Vibe

Like everybody else, I like a lot of things. Music being one of them.

Growing up, I imagined my life to be a little more musical. Not the Broadway busting a note in the middle of the street type of thing, just as simple as me mastering an instrument or two. I tried my hands on piano, guitar and drums but nothing really stuck because I was dyslexic (self diagnosed). I realized through age, that I could just run to radio to get my fix.

Recognizing this thing about me, I realized I haven’t bought a CD for ages. I think my last purchase was Franz Ferdinand’s album. I was cleaning my room when I saw my old CD case containing perhaps around 20 different albums. It suddenly came to me, I used to be so nuts in getting the latest album. I remembered, when Tower Records was still around, I’d order and harass them for the latest Morrissey or Bloc Pary record. Those were the days, days before I still had guilt over stream music and download. I remembered to be the coolest chick in school after owning a Prodigy Fat of The Land album. I can’t remember how many times it was borrowed so they can make mixed tapes for their significant other – most burned, Smack My *itch Up, I wonder why. I’ve changed so much in the course of a very few years.

It used to be a trip down the nearest record store and two hours of pacing up and down the rows and rows of albums. I live for those moments of search. It’s almost comparable to finding the best blue jeans or sneakers and using it over and over until it can’t be used any longer. Should I take home U2 or the Super Furry Animals? An astute judgement was in need before I bring my choice to the cashier. Lest I waste the money I’ve been saving for two weeks to something I won’t listen to. But truth be told, I usually just hazard a guess and I almost always bring home the right one (ex. Matrix Part1 Soundtrack – whom my cousin Gary borrowed but never returned).

Ahh, those were the good ol’ days.

I now recommend stream music. My favourite radio station is LA’s Kiss FM, Pandora and LaunchCast. In a day like today, I’ll just be clicking my mouse to get to the music that suits my vibe. For the longest time, I work with music on the background. That, I think, has been constant since I realized that Magic 89.9 was so rad – I was maybe, twelve or eleven years old. Fast-forward to teen hood, I had a chance to work with the company. It was quite cool still.

Earning my maturity, I gained an appreciation for the classics. I think you’ve read me ramble several times about it. In case I’m in need of contemporary arrangements that has a touch of orchestra, I click for Film Scores in my LaunchCast. I like it a lot.

And when I’m tired but still pushing for a few errands before the day ends, I put up some acoustic performance in the mix. Unplug is what I think we use to call them. Have you heard of the new piano rendition of Lily Allens The Fear? So neat.

Music is a perennial ingredient of my life. But I’m no Joaquin Phoenix. I’m staying a listener.

Currently listening to Grand Torino By Jamie Cullum via LaunchCast Radio


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