Me Stranger

If I were a fly, I’d swat myself.

I’ve thought a great deal about this and unfortunately it’s true … I am so annoying. Even I can’t stand myself sometimes. I was already at the mall with pocketful of money (well, not really) to spend and the movie schedule is aptly placed after shopping. But what did I achieve to do? Buy my brother two shirts and one acne medicine. Geez, I’m sooo exhilarating.

It was perhaps one of my well arranged day; a day for me, myself and I .  The plan was to leave work early and catch a cab to my favourite mall and pig out on veggie pizza and BTIC. After that, I’ll be walking from boutique to boutique to try on some top and perhaps a new shoulder bag. I had enough energy to just hang out and in case my oomph slackens I’ll only have to get to the theatre to waste away whatever energy is remaining.

But alas, none of that was achieved. Since I only decided to walk around, eat a veggie taco, buy two shirts that aren’t mine and a bottle of acne meds. The only thing stranger here is my inability to want it, when I know I do.

I need an electric shock … somebody wake me up!

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