I had my first photo exhibit.


I know, you don’t have to tell me. And don’t ask me the qualification of the judges who let the pictures through. All I know is, they should know what they’re doing, so no need to raise eyebrows because I didn’t twist anyone’s arm. And honestly, I haven’t the slightest idea that I can get short listed. I just sort of pinched my nose, took the plunge, and waited to see if i’ll float. Somehow my Friday the thirteenth turned out alright. Two out of my three pictures made it to the six-hour exhibit … one had to be taken out because it involved a half naked guy mischeivously grinning with many pair of hands.

I’ll find out towards the end of the third week of February if I can get to the Finals.  So here’s to dumb luck and my ability to worm myself in things unintentional.

Currently listening to Signal Fire by Snow Patrol via Yahoo Music Yahoo Music


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