Back To The Future

I sounded suspiciously nuts the last time I wrote here. But let me clear things before someone hauls me to the nuthouse.
Just goofing around pretending to be studying

Just goofing around pretending to be studying

My company had an event that called for participants to come in their best school uniform. Since Rissa and I can’t fit in our old uniform – how the blasted did I get so wide! – we decided to find one that we can rent. The shopping was met with a little snag being that we’re already fully formed women, so the seamstress had to make minor alterations. After that, we seperated ways and wished we both have a good time for the next day’s shift. And there we were, wearing a high school uniform matched with doll shoes, purple Bratz bag and headband.

Truth be told, we were told many times that we actually pulled it off very well. We can actually pass for them Senior Catholic School girls, hah! Things can go awry (this time in a good way) when you are affirmed continually that you haven’t actually aged a day. Complements do that to you.

None of us saw it coming; it was just us supporting a new program and the next thing we knew we’re awarded with Best in Costume. That night, wearing a Catholic School Girl uniform summed up how much I miss high school because of all the fun I had. Rissa and I continued sharing our high school memories. I found out she use to be a nerd (her own words, me, I’ll just call her smart), representing her school in academic competitions. She learned I was the school miscreant  that can’t be kicked out because I had passing marks and was never really actually caught.

Rissa and I wore our costume the entire shift. We enjoyed several stares that elicited comments such as, “you’re so cute” and “wow, you really look like school girls.” My crush even took a double take, to look at me. Things like these is almost the only thing we vividly remember about being sixteen – falling in love with boys … sigh. The evening of giggles still rings in my ear, Rissa is like my best buds Mona and Irene, whom I grew up with. She’s giggly, smart, pretty and game- but would still play it safe.

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