Catholic Schooool Guuuurls!

Last Friday, I travelled back in time and it was awesome!

No seriously I did. I pulled it off and it was great. Me and Rissa took the time machine, switched it to gear and sped back to high school, only for 150 pesos. Man, talk about rad. It smelled greatly of teen spirit minus the awkward moments of trying to fit in, angst and very bad acne. I get to live, even briefly, in the psychedelic parallel world of the pubescent.

1996 is the best!

Me wearing a catholic school girl uniform ... not really the uniform I used back in the days but this was my vehicle to go back to the future

Me wearing a catholic school girl uniform ... not really the uniform I used back in the days but this was my vehicle to going back

Remember when you fought every rule in the book and revelled in your ability to escape by the skins of your teeth? Remember feeling the urge to outwit everyone in every argument? Remember how terrific you felt ending your day with no apologies because you know you have your entire life ahead of you? Remember wanting to stand out and be unique only to find out that the one thing you really need is to belong in a click? And most of all, remember the youth? Just the thought that you are young and the world is yours for the taking. That no matter how wrong your decisions get, your parents have the power to bail you out –after of course a very long and scary lecture, coupled with days without watching tv, talking to friends on the phone and ridiculous house hold chores.

Maybe you experienced a different life as a teen. But that was exactly how I was, I wasn’t a bad person and I studied as much as needed, but I had a touch of ‘rascal’ in me. Life was difficult and different then yeah, but it was also very beautiful. I never missed a day in my high school life or I never missed a day living it rather. I did every possible shenanigan normal to teens (minus promiscuity, drinking and drugs) and remembered being called a headache. The type that will get out of line and will jump back a second before getting caught. Nothing serious just the designated teachers pest. Never burning the house down, but I’ll ring the fire alarm so we can cut short a loooong boooring Social Studies class.

And in that window of jumping from today to the past, things made perfect sense. I  was exactly where I should be – good or bad. It was formation years at its best.

Until now I have no apologies for giving my teacher and the nuns a hard time, no qualms that I made bad choices and no regrets of doing whatever hoot I did then. I was such a child.

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