Notes From My Weekends

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In the absence of money to spend, I am now stuck in my house staring at the cracks on my wall, imagining things that aren’t there and thinking about a book. Again, do I know how to party on a Sunday night or what?

I still can’t figure out what the hell is wrong with me. My inability to finish The Story Of Edgar Sawtelle is highly startling. I remember harassing my local bookstore for not having it on their racks and now that I have it, I can’t finish it. I was advised to loosen up via light books and I did. I even reread two magazines (Entertainment Weekly and Time) but I still can’t find the juice to jumpstart that darn book. I’ve pretty much used up all my energy dragging myself to it, and right now I’m close to just giving up. Weird, because the book is awesome.

Whatever the reason is for my stalling, I find it exceedingly exasperating. I’ve never met a book that I can’t finish (braze yourself Pillars Of The Earth) and this better not be it or I’m writing the author a letter of apology.


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My friend Mona, recently launched her own blog together with other authors. I haven’t gotten around reading her entries, apart from the one at the front page, but I find it nice that she started one. At least, even without us talking on a regular basis – she’s a hundred miles away from me – I  can catch up on what she’s doing.


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Before heading on a short weekend a friend of mine passed me a magazine to read. Something about love. Do I have a post it written on my forehead saying dateless on V-Day? Well, I indulged her anyway. The article wasn’t much help, I only achieved to remember that I will be getting a phone call from him soon and I’ll hate it more than anything else.

I used to date him. He used to be the center of my universe. And he used to, uhm, never mind I’m sure you know how he once felt for me. What little self control I have is challenged by the fact that he just calls to make sure I’m okay. Daggamit!


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I thought I had it figured out. But because I’m clueless on how to spend my vacation this coming March, I’m close to just walking into the travel agency to ask for a ticket refund. I’m going to a nice place with more cattle than human but why in the world don’t I feel excited. I want to make a choice to be cheerful about it but I can’t. I’m not even sure If I’m ready to go, I can’t break my annual treks just because I’m unresolved to have a time out.

What the hell am I doing?


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Ooh, remember that hot blond long haired dude in that insipid show I was talking about a few days ago? I found a video of him … nothing sleazy, just him talking about Nike and stuff. I think this was when he was still starting out. It’s a raw footage of one of his reports. Man, he’s cute!

Take a look.

Isn’t he a tall glass of water?

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