The Blond Dude

30 01 2009
Max Hodges of TMZ

Max Hodges of TMZ

I was flicking channels when I came across TMZ. I don’t watch this show because … well it’s dumb. But passing channel 76 made me pause because this long haired blond cutey was talking. At first I thought it was James Franco spoofing himself in Pineapple Express but after I looked closer, I realized it was one of their reporter. I thought, hmm he’s cute and funny.

Soon after, I went and looked him up but there’s very few information about him. I did get his name though but I’m still going for “The Hot Blond Long Haired Dude In That Insipid Show.” I wonder,what in the world is he doing on a dumbass show with unintelligent and heartless crew? He sure has the chops to get a decent job in Hollywood and seem to know his way around the entertainment business. But wait, he might just be as shallow as the entire show so I’ll stop right here before I ruin the whole thing.




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3 03 2009

Ok, he is somewhat good looking and a cool guy but he isn’t that smart. “I wonder,what in the world is he doing on a dumbass show with unintelligent and heartless crew?” If you watched the show you would understand that his beauty is > his intelligence.

7 03 2009

actually he is pretty witty and smart. i dunno why you guys choose to undermined him and say hes not smart, just because hes good looking.

13 04 2009

He is good looking; but doesn’t ANYONE on TMZ know how to speak English? It’s so embarrassing, that often….. I just have to turn it off.

6 05 2009
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17 12 2009
Shawn Ryan

I’m pretty sure he is just as lame himself as the show is. I have his coworkers and friends tell me i look a lot like him and have a bunch of complete strangers follow me around cus they think I am him. I’ve heard hes a dick though, and being on that show kinda finalizes that point.

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