Outtakes While Floating In Between

Note: This article was published last January 21 but was short lived due to its temperamental author. It resurfaced because she found out what a mistake it was to take it off air. It  had the third most highest traffic for an air time of  less than 2 hours.

 Yeah, we have a black guy in the white house but I have too much respect for that I’m never going to write any kind of half baked, hosed down version of it. That my friend is simply a leap of success. But maybe someday, if neccessary, I will write about him.

So for now, having met with zero topic, which by the way I have a definite zero familiarity, I am still moving on. So when met with one, this is what I was able to gather.

1. Five names I go by:
They say when you write fiction, you inadvertently write about you. Bummer!
Eli – From my first full-length screenplay
Elizabeth Mulveney – from my first to be titled novelette
Bailey – my alter ego back in college
Andy – my alter ego when I’m hungry
Jean – me

2. Four things I’m are wearing right now:
Maroon spaghetti strap top
Faded green shorts
The proverbial underwear
Hair clamp
                    * I’m cold and loving it.

3. Three things I want very badly at the moment:
colds and cough medicine

4. Two things I did last night:
Watched House
went to the grocery to get me a parsley
            *Do I know how to party on a Tuesday night or what?

5. Two things I ate today:
leftover spaghetti and chicken shanghai

6. Two people I last talked to on the phone:
My brother and Dan

7. Two things I am going to do tomorrow:
Write more, try to finish the novel I started reading and buy a loaf of bread

8. Two longest car rides
Sagada to Manila (via) baguio
Manila to Pasuquin on a beat up sedan

9. Two of my favourite beverages:
Iced Tea

10. Two things I can hear right now:
An airplane
Misery Business by Paramore


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