Funny Odd Things

Last Wednesday, I tried to submit a nonsense of an article just to have something for the day. I didn’t think much about quality so I went ahead and pressed Publish. A few minutes later, a voice at the back of my head advised me to choose otherwise. I launched it at around 12:04pm and took it off the ether a few minutes later – 2 hours tops. The following day, that odd little article, not meant to be published, not thought of properly and intentionally removed had the highest traffic for the month. And it became the top 3 article for Thinking Aloud (Top 1, Wall E and Top 2, New Moon).

Funny odd things happen when you least expect it and I’m absolutely gobsmacked. With the very few readers I have and the little air time it took, Outtakes While Floating In Between was a sleeper hit. It will see the sun perhaps within next week, but if anyone out there took time to read it last January 21, please enlighten me why in the world it had so many hits.


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