The First Lady’s Dress

First off, I’m no hater. I think Michelle Obama is lovely and she’s a breath of fresh air. Me making a comment about what she wore doesn’t mean I’m damning her choice. If anything I think it’s brave and beautiful.

Michelle Obama wearing an Isabel Toledo creation matched with a J. Crew gloves

Michelle Obama wearing an Isabel Toledo creation matched with a J. Crew gloves

The Lemon Grass dress. I give it A+ for function. Washington wasn’t exactly warm and she needed something chic and functional to keep her steady, brazing the cold day and to enjoy the entertainment. But I can’t help but think of upholstery. The nice European sofas that are expensive and dust magnets, that kind. Although the colour she chose symbolizes warmth and candidness, the texture basing from how it looks seems like something you see in upstate Victorian houses – as curtains, drapes or couches. The heavy wool and elaborate lace patterns just didn’t cut it. Which was unfortunate because she is so fashion forward there is a huge probablity that this type of fashion will be chic sooner or later – and i’ll be one of those unworthies who made a not so nice comment. Footnote: Jacqueline Kennedy. Her sense of fashion came askew at first but our generation praised her for it.

I heard after Michelle Obama is done with this dress, it’ll be sent to the Smithsonian Institute. Thank goodness.

For the inaugural ball, Michelle Obama wore a Jason Wu creation

For the inaugural ball, Michelle Obama wore a Jason Wu creation

The Ivory Wedding Dress. Many say, it looks like a wedding dress and maybe it is, but you can’t deny that it is very elegant and fitting for a statuesque beauty like Michelle. And dancing with his husband made the dress more romantic and the symbolism of how they looked, danced and smiled while gazing in each other’s eyes is apparent.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of fashionistas out there who think it to be a miss. What made it fly for me is it’s meant for a ball, so one can wear anything princessy if they want to. Also it is very proportion and it complements the President’s bow tie.

There are some Kennedy comparison when she chose this colour but nonetheless she made it her own. It is both exiting and confident that instead of choosing famous couturiers like Narciso Rodriguez, Ralph Lauren or Oscar dela Renta, she picked a relatively unknown Taiwan born Jason Wu. This too will be donated to the Smithsonian Institute.

For sure, we can expect the First Lady to surprise us both ways.


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