A Drop Of Chill

It’s the middle of the afternoon and it feels like early morning … the breeze is amazing and cold. The talk in the eastern side of US is all about the snow storm. Because of that, most aircrafts are grounded, thank goodness I don’t have work today. I expect it would be hellish to deal with passengers with all these irregular operations and cancelations. We can’t do anything about that. The most we can do is de-ice the plane but if we are dealing with strong winds and heavy snow, it would be unwise to push ones luck. We also had an issue with a US Airways crash in the Hudson River. I’m sure some people’s undergarments are in a twist by now.
Just when you thinks its going to rain, think again. Ill just be like this the whole day. Lovely.

My terrace with a view. Just when you thinks it's going to rain, think again. It'll just be like this the whole day. Lovely.

But let’s go back to my happy-happy joy-joy self. I tried tidying up a bit but sweeping the floor became a challenge because of the wind. I decided to just let it be for the time being. I’ll be going to bed around 2 in time for my 1130 shift. Until then, i’ll be pacing around the house peeking at the fridge for a food I know isn’t there, mulling over what to wear and surfing ebay for good finds … my Twilight poster just came yesterday.

I have a black turtleneck that I haven’t worn for a long time and I think it’ll be nice if I bring it out. Or maybe, that nice peach pea coat would be better. Whichever it is, I should be wearing them soon before the weather switches. I’m loving it and I should be dressed appropriately. I hope when we go to our trip to the mountains on Saturday the weather will be colder.

I might go to the movies tomorrow with friends but I’m not sure yet. There are a lot of good movies out but I’m torn between staying in to relax or hang out at the mall. In case I go, I’ll see Bride Wars.

I saw American Idol last night, it was fun. I can’t seem to wrap my head around the thought that the losers who insist that they can sing have the courage to hate on the judges when it’s obvious that they don’t have the chops to be on that contest. I may not be a singer but I’m not tone deaf. I actually agree with Simon 90% of the time.

Online shopping is so addicting. I’m on ebay right now looking for a 40 liter backpack and a head flashlight. Why? I don’t know.

I’m the designated photographer for the weekend trip. I haven’t gotten around charging my batteries and clearing the space for my memory stick, I might just do that in the car.

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Proof By Laura Tsaggaris through my Sony Walkman


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