I’ve just gone and finished my hot cup of coffee. I took a few minutes sitting in my terrace while I chomped on my cheese sandwich watching the huge mango tree sway from a short distance. The maya birds are having a field day and it’s nice watching them. It’s the middle of January and the weather can’t be more better. This is one of those days that makes sitting back and watching the day unfold,  a smart option.
The blue sky peeking
The blue sky peeking

I am loving the colour outside; grey with a splash of fresh green. Turns out, I’m not the only one enjoying the day. Standing in my quaint balcony, the wind carried the sound of a group of men playing a tight game of basketball. It must be from the court a block away. I can also hear kids playing a game of tag, funny, I thought they only like playing with their virtual machines. Strange as it may seem, there are a lot of people out there who are a whole lot like me; seeing the beauty of a somewhat drab day. We don’t need the sunshine to put a smile on our faces. Not even the lack of internet connection to launch this article can dampen my spirit.

It hasn’t rained since the first of this month but we’ve been trudging our days with endless overcast skies and driving wind. It’s been nippy all throughout and it’s lovely. Two nights ago, me and a friend went for a walk to get to a diner and I was hugging myself on our way there. I left my jacket and his was borrowed, so we both hunched walking at the side streets of the city and revelling about the temperature. The soup that finally greeted us sealed the moment.

There are two things that makes me happy in a content way – the type that is sobering and appreciative – rain and the cold temperature. I’m not a fan of snow because it has a tendency to turn to sleet and it hurts my face. A drizzle here and there and a storm cloud would suffice.

The sun would peek occasionally but gladly hides herself behind the clouds soon after. It’s a nice day to ditch work and errands … hmm, a good book certainly makes a perfect match. These beautiful interludes comes to a frenzy and then swiftly dissipates after the ice from the north completely fade. But as long as I can enjoy it, I will dive head on.

I’ll be spending this weekend on a mountain retreat with my colleagues, a team building they say. But it’s more of an excuse to just be ourselves, relax, get to know each other over beer and eventually humiliate ourselves because of loose lips that have been bridled because of professional responsibilities. Thank God I don’t drink beer. I’ll sure have a laugh and a story to tell when I get back.

I’ll be packing my bags after I clean my room and I’ll be bringing my bonnet and scarf. I have plans of bringing my laptop for writing in case something nice comes up, but I doubt they will ever leave me alone.


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