A Posthumous Award For Heath

Heath LedgerLike the song about a star blazing the dark sky and fading fast as soon as we took notice, Heath Ledger etched his name in the Hollywood film industry just that way. We will never know what might have been of this prolific actor and the night of the Golden Globes just made that thought more true.

Receiving in behalf of his award for Best Supporting Actor at the 66th Golden Globe Award is The Dark Knight’s director, Christopher Nolan.  Summing up the lasting power Heath Ledger’s character left for us to appreciate, Nolan expresses his grief with sharp words, “After Heath passed, you saw a hole ripped in the future of cinema… he will be greatly missed but will never be forgotten.” Indeed there is a hole, a huge gap that will never be truly answered after his unfortunate and untimely death, yet we are reminded that this is what good stories are made of. The industry takes great pleasure in actors who can transcend themselves and bring a mysteriously eclectic character out and they will only be good as their last performance. At least Heath Ledger’s memory is frozen in time. Forever great and forever applauded.

Here’s to you and the art you brought in The Joker.


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