The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

the curious case of benjamin button posterOf the many reason we go to the theatres, to learn life that we haven’t lived or will never live is perhaps the core reason. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button does just that. If truth be told, like books that stabs and cuts, this masterpiece reminds us that in order to take the beauty of life we have to live with the pain. There is indeed, a point in time, a sad return and happy partings that angles us to be confused and forces us to throw things out to chaos. Benjamin Button takes it head on with great expectations that life, like everybody else’s, is fleeting and transient.

You see, Benjamin Button has his time ticking counter clockwise. Whilst all of us are growing old, he starts old and slowly becomes younger. There is a wistful dilemma that one will have to watch most of the people you love die, while you become more youthful. There is also a lingering sadness that because your body is displaced in your age, you may not enjoy life meant for an able body. Nevertheless he is resolved to live what he was given him and while he is incapacitated with the riddles of old age, Benjamin chooses to be a thoughtful observer. Learning what he may with his family of old people and picking the wisdom only they can impart.curiouscaseofbenjaminbutton

The moment he has grown out of his cane and realizes a world that awaits him, he looks pass his wrinkled skin and takes on the world. By this time, he will learn true love, acceptance and forgiveness. Although his journey is very much melancholic and bitter, he picks his days with fondness. Benjamin is strangely welcoming and eager to live life that he isn’t riled up easily by the devious movements of things and stays philosophical to his goal on companionship and love. Maybe because all his life the thought of him dying anytime taught him what an aweful waste it would be to not live the day.

Packed with an ensemble that matches its 2 hours and 40 minutes run, the film is wrought with impeccable color, story, score, design and visual effects. Written with such bravado, David Fincher and Eric Roth achieved so much with F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short story.

elle fanningThe Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a silent juggernaut that will render you in deep thought. It speaks not only of journeys but of returning, not only of friends but of family, not only of struggles but of letting go, and not only of true love but of fate. It carries a spectacular cinematography marked by plausible appearance of characters passing time (may it be forward or backward). The deeply moving message of this movie will perhaps hit a nerve especially to those people who have lost people they cared for. The fluidity of the long and winding story of the hero and heroine, with their flaws and quirks, are headstrong against the impossibility life. It is with their doings that we find their pain, sweet and triumphant.

Haunting in its sum, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button wins because of its misshapen magical dimensions.

You can swear and curse the fates, but when it comes to the end, you have to let go.  – Benjamin Button

 Ratings: starstarstarstarstar_half


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