SMARTBro: Ain’t So Broad

For the past few months, I’ve been having issues with my internet service provider. Having called many a times in the past to get things fixed, gained me my own knowhow of troubleshooting. But for the past few weeks, things have gotten ridiculous.

smartbroThe SMARTBro account that I set up last January 13 is proving to be such a hassle. I spend more time on the phone with a technical agent than utilizing the worldwide web. They keep telling me that they are having problems with their bay station where my antenna is connected and all they can provide me is a service reference number so I can call back to inform them that I still have the same darn issue. And in case service is provided, you’ll have to suffer the hiccups of service on and service off. Talk about stop dancing in burning coals.

Suffice it to say, they have an abysmal service. People they hire on the phone sound like a bunch of robots programmed to say the same lines to explain their incompetence. I have high tolerance in momentary failures, but this takes home the cake. I am serious when I tell you that I spend more time calling them, figuring things out, and listening to how insipid SMARTBro service is. I just want to have a decent time using what I’m paying for. Unfortunately, I am not getting my money’s worth.

And about money’s worth. Do you know that they easily give out monetary compensations when they fail you? At least they own to that. So to all of you who have problems with SMARTBro ask for a service reference number and once their technical issues gets fixed, ask for your money back or a rebate for the days you were unable to use it.

Also, I would like to advice everyone who has plans of riding the technological wave and setting up their house with a Wi-Fi via router – beware. You would have to get your own technician to set things up for you. If you find the misfortune of getting a top quality device it will cost you your temper. Unfortunately, with how SMARTBro is established, it can be inflexible when it comes to putting up one.

I bought a 3K worth of router that will aid my laptop to pick up a Wi-Fi signal thus fulfilling a truly mobile laptop. Anyone who can read can simply follow the instructions stated by the Set Up Wizard of the device. The one I have intends to keep your dome of service to your household so it seeks for an account name and password that you got from your ISP. This dear, is as difficult as a root canal. No one not even the supervisor of the company can fix it for me. The Set Up Wizard does not accept the account name and password I got from them mainly because it’s wrong – that it doesn’t match. An hour later, they say that my router has to be the plug and play type. It is plug and play, the router is successfully set up but the internet connection isn’t. SMARTBro is the one dropping the ball.

To make the horrid and long story short, they were not able to help me. They have the audacity to blame the innocent router for being incompatible when it’s not. They made up this expletive deleted excuse that it has to be dynamic and or automatic. The entire time, I was the one telling them that it does not work like that. I actually had to tell them how these things work.

thumbs_downMy contract ends on the 13th of this month and I swear, every day when the internet surfing is at its peak, I will check my services to get a compensation. Because basing on experience, that is when they always fail. Since rebate giving is one of their plusses, I’m going to juice them for all it’s worth.

SMARTBro is incompetent when it comes to service. I pity the fool who buys the b.s. they are selling in their commercials. I’ve been with them for a year and I know.


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