Of Starting Lines and Leftovers

The following days after the New Year is officially left over weekend. I’m not complaining, the leftovers are high quality soul food that will both save my lunch money and a ready armament in case we have uninvited surprise visitors. It just needs to go as fast as it possibly can because I hate throwing away food.

dsc02880So far the Holidays was great. I tried my very best, even whilst sick, to make the conscious decision to make it right. I spent my money mostly at home and didn’t buy anything new for myself – wait no,  actually I did but it did not involve new clothes or shoes. Feeling the need for books and respectable magazine to read, I overlooked my usual splurges. I miss my shopping buddy Abby. She’s my buzz when it comes to shopping, after she left for Australia I’ve been sedated save for books.

The year transitioned with me scooting all over the house taking pictures, serving food, yelling for my brother to come down to the kitchen so we can eat and washing dishes. I was appropriately tired soon after (I helped cook and I was in front of the gas stove since twelve noon the year before). Again no complaints here.

After the kitchen is cleaned up, the fridge stuffed with all the leftovers, made sure my brother fed the dogs and cats well and the neighbours given a plateful of food, I ran up to my room, opened my laptop and started writing away. I’ve been away from my faithful device for more than a week (entries since December 24 was prescheduled and was delivered by my administrator) so the revisit was met with much enthusiasm. I had future articles raging inside my topsy-turvy head and the armadas were fast becoming a spot for the entire calendar of January. But until then, it has to stay on a leash. It’s never smart to bring out all the guns all at once.

I’m hoping many possibilities for this little project of mine. I’d like to deliver more astute reviews, suggest quality music, better photography, well thought-of travel recaps and truthful entries from the pages of my life. Having readers from various locations and demographics, it would be best to suite up and provide an ounce to each. Ahh, it’s so nice to have a fresh start on a New Year after a long holiday.

Hmm, wait a second. I forgot to bring out the good wine during our dinner, and did anyone touch that funky looking cheese? Great! I have the bottle to myself, a slice of unknown and art to listen to.

Currently Listening To:

Suite For Solo Cello No. 1 In G, BWV 1007: Prelude

Chopin: Nocturne No. 2 In E Flat, Op. 9 No. 2


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