Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

Diary of a Wimpy KidI came across the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid while skimming through rows and rows of bookshelves at my local bookstore, hoping that a book would call onto me. I’ve been trying for almost an hour to no avail. It was when I was close to stepping out when I saw it at a corner, close to the Customer Service desk.

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid chronicles the life of Greg Heffley on his first year in middle school. Unlike any other lead, Greg is no hero. He actually has things upside down when it comes to dealing with kids in his school and family. He’s not so bad, just the usual type that’s trying to figure out things by himself. Any kid can easily end up clueless being a middle child and stuck in school with students who are taller, meaner, and already shaving. He loosely recalls his days with short description on how he saw it unfold, using his journal via narration and caricatures. With a deadpan humour that is reminiscent of our younger years, it allows us to appreciate our goofiness back in the days. To some extent, we’ll be able to relate to the narrator, who is both oblivious and hilarious.

A page from Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney

Written by Jeff Kinney, who started his career in computer programming and newspaper designing, the book became an instant hit. He did not aim to publish the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid though, but the opportunity came when he was developing it via Funbrain.com. After receiving numerous raves for his web comic creation, he decided to publish it in five series (this being the first followed by, Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules and Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw).

One thing’s for sure though, this is a good book that’s relaxed and unpretentious.It somehow reminds me the hilarity of being a kid and how rad we thought we were.


Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

Written By Jeff Kinney

Published By Amulet Books New York

ISBN 978-01433-0383-1


The Blond Dude

Max Hodges of TMZ

Max Hodges of TMZ

I was flicking channels when I came across TMZ. I don’t watch this show because … well it’s dumb. But passing channel 76 made me pause because this long haired blond cutey was talking. At first I thought it was James Franco spoofing himself in Pineapple Express but after I looked closer, I realized it was one of their reporter. I thought, hmm he’s cute and funny.

Soon after, I went and looked him up but there’s very few information about him. I did get his name though but I’m still going for “The Hot Blond Long Haired Dude In That Insipid Show.” I wonder,what in the world is he doing on a dumbass show with unintelligent and heartless crew? He sure has the chops to get a decent job in Hollywood and seem to know his way around the entertainment business. But wait, he might just be as shallow as the entire show so I’ll stop right here before I ruin the whole thing.

Worried About My Schtick

Sometimes I feel like someone just placed my brain in a blender.

Okay, so here’s the story. I was supposed to write one film review every Friday but instead, i just went to watch movies every week but end up not writing anything about it. I also said that I will finish the book I started last year (The Story Of Edgar Sawtelle- I swear that book is awsome) but the next thing I know, I picked up another new book to finish. And don’t even get me started with my quasi photography, a hobby I insist on keeping. Before, I would take snaps and immediately load it for review. But now I have stacks at home that haven’t been attended to. Been busy, yeah, you should know that by now. But nothing has ever held me back from writing a review or finishing a book before. Even if the formidable challenge such as lack of sleep or work is getting in the way.

I can’t continue doing this. If I keep dropping commitments and I’m not making follow through, something wrong is bound to happen. I don’t know what it will be, I might just be over reacting – like I always do – but I don’t want to be well aware of how perfectly I neglected my entries when the shit hits the fan.

I realized how bad it’s getting when a dear friend of mine invited me over for her birthday party (she looked so happy when I said ‘yes’) but never showed up. I’m in dire need of finding my inner captain to helm my actions. If I’m lagging on these, it will only be a matter of time before I start passing other important things I consider valuable. It’s so difficult not understanding one’s self, it’s like looking in the mirror and seeing a face of a stranger. It feels like a part of me is watching me and taking tabs of the things I miss which means we – me and the other me who is watching me – don’t get to exhaust all the good things we use to love.

Is this what they call rut? Is this the beginning of a descent?

If writing is like breathing and so vital to me and I’m ignoring it, shouldn’t I be dead by know. Oh dear, is there a pill for this?

Outtakes While Floating In Between

Note: This article was published last January 21 but was short lived due to its temperamental author. It resurfaced because she found out what a mistake it was to take it off air. It  had the third most highest traffic for an air time of  less than 2 hours.

 Yeah, we have a black guy in the white house but I have too much respect for that I’m never going to write any kind of half baked, hosed down version of it. That my friend is simply a leap of success. But maybe someday, if neccessary, I will write about him.

So for now, having met with zero topic, which by the way I have a definite zero familiarity, I am still moving on. So when met with one, this is what I was able to gather.

1. Five names I go by:
They say when you write fiction, you inadvertently write about you. Bummer!
Eli – From my first full-length screenplay
Elizabeth Mulveney – from my first to be titled novelette
Bailey – my alter ego back in college
Andy – my alter ego when I’m hungry
Jean – me

2. Four things I’m are wearing right now:
Maroon spaghetti strap top
Faded green shorts
The proverbial underwear
Hair clamp
                    * I’m cold and loving it.

3. Three things I want very badly at the moment:
colds and cough medicine

4. Two things I did last night:
Watched House
went to the grocery to get me a parsley
            *Do I know how to party on a Tuesday night or what?

5. Two things I ate today:
leftover spaghetti and chicken shanghai

6. Two people I last talked to on the phone:
My brother and Dan

7. Two things I am going to do tomorrow:
Write more, try to finish the novel I started reading and buy a loaf of bread

8. Two longest car rides
Sagada to Manila (via) baguio
Manila to Pasuquin on a beat up sedan

9. Two of my favourite beverages:
Iced Tea

10. Two things I can hear right now:
An airplane
Misery Business by Paramore

Funny Odd Things

Last Wednesday, I tried to submit a nonsense of an article just to have something for the day. I didn’t think much about quality so I went ahead and pressed Publish. A few minutes later, a voice at the back of my head advised me to choose otherwise. I launched it at around 12:04pm and took it off the ether a few minutes later – 2 hours tops. The following day, that odd little article, not meant to be published, not thought of properly and intentionally removed had the highest traffic for the month. And it became the top 3 article for Thinking Aloud (Top 1, Wall E and Top 2, New Moon).

Funny odd things happen when you least expect it and I’m absolutely gobsmacked. With the very few readers I have and the little air time it took, Outtakes While Floating In Between was a sleeper hit. It will see the sun perhaps within next week, but if anyone out there took time to read it last January 21, please enlighten me why in the world it had so many hits.