The Resolved and Unresolved of 2008

This is what I wrote my friends almost a year ago …

Whew! Last day of the year.

Tons of good stuff happened but I also had my share of awful things that I’m sure I had a hand in conjuring. Although I didn’t hit much of my expectations set late last year, I still was able to manage to not completely derail. I’m quite thankful that I got through all those expletive deleted which eventually shook me out of apathy and at the same time I am grateful of all the blessings I got.

Hopefully next year will be a little better than this one. I wish I can laugh a little harder (and longer), meet more friends (for keeps) and see more places I’ve never been before. I’m not wishing for a promotion, but it will be entertained nonetheless. I hope I can take care of my health a little more than I should, hope I can help my family more, sing more in the shower, have more skip in my walk, read more books and get more exercise without wasting it away by eating carbs right after.

My only resolution is to be happier and with a bit of luck, program my brain to look at the bright side and manage my temper… and ooh, drink more water and get a boyfriend (got to have one of those).

So far here’s the update:

The resolved resolutions:

Good stuff did happen – I moved to a different account and learned so many things

Laughed a little harder and longer – did just that, when I secured my place in my new account.

Meet more friends – met them already, an entirely new account also entailed an entirely new crowd. I am keeping a handful of good ones that I will be calling friends from here on.

See more places – yup! Although it wasn’t as many as I hope it would be I was still able to squeeze a little travel in between

Take care of health – well, I think I had more hospital visits this year more than any other years. And I took it upon myself to get schedule for check ups. My teeth are well taken care of too.

Help my family more – still helping

More skip in my walk – that spring arrived 10.22.08

Read more books – let me see … there was this one month where I read one book a week and I think I never had a month without a new book to read. So it’s a yes.

Manage my temper – believe it or not, I was able to

Still resolving:

Get more exercise – just couldn’t squeeze the time and being that I’ve been a little sickly I opted to just stay in bed

Less carbs – I need to work on this, I haven’t counted any but I’m sure hell I took more than what’s allowed

Drink more water – I just wasn’t that thirsty.

I’ve made smart decisions for 2008 and it balances some of the insipid ones. Looking back, I can confidently say that I managed it well… as always. I will keep the same resolution I had from last year and hopefully continue working on the unresolved.

I wish you all the best and see you next year.

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A Day Late by Anberlin through Pandora



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