The Shindig, The Needle and Twilight Polls

Company XMas PartyVery little is known of last weeks party, maybe because everyone was just so tired to even mention it. After we transitioned from day to night to day again without breaking it to sleep, it just got difficult to take notes.
I have fleeting memories of the party; thankful that I have my friends camera along to document the event.


I paid a visit to the hospital yesterday and the day before to get some blood tests. At first, I hadn’t the slightest idea what it would entail but I decided to be brave for the sake of health. I first took  ECG tests and wondered why the hell I’m taking the second one – who’da thunk that blood tests will include x-rays. It was a short stint so I went to the mall soon after. I had a big meal for lunch (Cinnamon Toasts and Putannesca at Pancake House), tried a new Tuna Pasta dish for dinner(Liquour de France) and drank lots of water in preperation for the fasting before they draw my blood.

The day after, I suffered in the hands of an intern who looks like she’s hasn’t been practicing her poking skills. In her first attempt, she lost my vein and tried to shimmy the needle back into position – the thing was already under my skin and I felt her move it around while trying to catch it. When she finally found what she was looking for, the vein resolved to buckle and stopped flowing blood. So she had to put another needle in my left arm and I just had to exclaim my review on how well she did her job. I deduced it to a very astute, “Youch!”. It’s these type of intern that give needles a bad name. She eventually apologized, I think she knew that she was lousy at it.

I’ve been a very good girl following everthing the doctor advised me, so when all tests was done, I jumped to the nearest restaurant and ordered a tall glass of iced tea, cheese pizza and a full plate of ceasar salad, minus the bacon of course  (Sbarro). When I had my fill, I trudged the mall for a little shopping and went home with a movie to review, a new book to read and the new Dark Knight DVD. As the day progressed, the part where the needles touched slowly hued to purple on both arms. I chose not to bitch about it, instead I’ll wear it like a badge of honor at work.

I still have to go back though. The doctors will look at the results and provide their interpretation. I’ll have to sit through the discussion on how we can prevent any dangers in the future (diabetes and cholesterol). In times like these, it’s best to be on the offense.

The check up was suggested by a friend when she found out that she was already a borderline diabetic. We have the same built and my educated guess would be, it’s not impossible for me. Although my family doesn’t have any history of diabetes, I’ll take it upon myself to cover all grounds before it gets too late. I wasn’t too happy getting pricked and being starved but I will feel better knowing the direction my health is taking.


Twilight (motion picture) is still running in theatres, and as of the weekend of December 5, it took home $138,402,068. It also landed at the second spot for sweeping a weekend average per theatre of $3,604. With its success, it seems the polls did a good job taking temperatures.

A lot of people went to see the movie, one, because of the hype of the book. Two, because of the hype from those who saw it the first time and swooned for the actor who played Edward. And three, because of the hype of the book, the actor and the curiosity of the literature itself.

As you can see, there are a lot of fans out there that are not fond of the movie and the rest decided to air responses that are neither a yes, no or somewhat. “Others” are mostly summed up with gibberish feedback hoping that someone else played Bella or the director provided a weak treatement.

Twilight Poll Daddy

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