Stark Raving Mad

Last month my blog administrator launched a novel writing contest. It said that you can place pieces of your novel in your blog every day, meaning that you would have to write every day. I wanted to join but because I work a full time job, I could not do it.

Last Monday someone lost their marbles and thought that she can write a novel. She’s been meaning to but not quite equipped. The lingering thought of a plot line dogged her and she reinforced her chutzpah after reminding herself that she once wrote a full length screenplay. Ladies and Gentleman, that is I.

I had a little time to spare for my writing. So I thought of a fictional scene for today. I just wrote and wrote not stopping to think of what the plot would be. I’m done brainstorming for a story (my previous job as a Creative Development writer for producing movies have drained that) so I just typed away.

Suddenly, I found myself with few pages of exposition that proved promising (2750+ words) for a Prologue. I hadn’t the slightest idea that I could, but I accomplished it in one sitting. Although I am stoked to write a novelette, I’m scared to undergo the tedium and harsh commitment it will ask of me. Like I said, I have a full time job to take care of, a blog to sustain and a life to live, so having a novel to face can be summed up to stark raving mad.

The few pages  finished last Monday is half-baked. No wait, it is half-baked. It’s still in the works and I don’t know exactly how to deal with it. Right now, I’ll just commit, perhaps, two hours once a week or write it if I have nothing decent to put here. I can achieve to try and not just drop it like a hot potatoe. In the process, I at least have a short story in hand. LOL.


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