Alday Wednesday

This time tomorrow, I’ll be picking up my copy of The Tales Of Beedle The Bard. It wasn’t long ago when I droned about not being able to buy it. I believe my words were “I don’t have L1,950,000 lying around”, although I do have P584 now. This means I shouldn’t have any problems getting my sweet hands on it.

I’ll provide you feedback by Friday, but no promises.


Late last night I got an invitation from Harris to climb Mt. Batulao. They are regrouping the peeps from our Mt. Romelo climb and are aiming for the 2nd Saturday of the month. They wanted to braze the cold weather and fog, yet again testing their limits and perhaps preparing oneself to a Level III climb early 2009. I immediately said “yes” – I’m plagued with the intermittent disease of talking before thinking –  and had to take it back because I still have to ask permission from Dan. If you asked if I wanted to climb again a few days after that bruise and wound inducing trek on a bad weather and darkness, I would nonchalantly say “no”. I still have blue-violet dancing in my skin and the freshly healed wound at the sole of my feet is still mulled over. However, after I’ve regained my strength and enjoyed the numerous pictures we took, I didn’t hesitate to say “yes”.

I haven’t told you but I destroyed my running shoes in the process. The entire sole resolved to detach itself after experiencing the first wave of obstacle (river). So I’m at odds with buying me a new pair of shock equipped trekking shoes or save the money for a trip next year. This dilemma will eventually be managed by Dan – if I can go or not.


Everyone I know who’s into the Twilight Series is still fussing about it. I keep receiving forwarded quotes straight from the sappy-romantic-self loathing Edward Cullen. It was cute at first but it’s now becoming ridiculous. There is really no need to remind me that the great male population will find Edward Cullen-ish difficult to achieve. It only raises desperation that we can never find anyone like him in this gawd awful place.


I’m currently reading David Wroblewski’s The Story Of Edgar Sawtelle but I have to put it on hold for Beedle. Until the weekends, ta ta.


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