The Resolved and Unresolved of 2008

28 12 2008

This is what I wrote my friends almost a year ago …

Whew! Last day of the year.

Tons of good stuff happened but I also had my share of awful things that I’m sure I had a hand in conjuring. Although I didn’t hit much of my expectations set late last year, I still was able to manage to not completely derail. I’m quite thankful that I got through all those expletive deleted which eventually shook me out of apathy and at the same time I am grateful of all the blessings I got.

Hopefully next year will be a little better than this one. I wish I can laugh a little harder (and longer), meet more friends (for keeps) and see more places I’ve never been before. I’m not wishing for a promotion, but it will be entertained nonetheless. I hope I can take care of my health a little more than I should, hope I can help my family more, sing more in the shower, have more skip in my walk, read more books and get more exercise without wasting it away by eating carbs right after.

My only resolution is to be happier and with a bit of luck, program my brain to look at the bright side and manage my temper… and ooh, drink more water and get a boyfriend (got to have one of those).

So far here’s the update:

The resolved resolutions:

Good stuff did happen – I moved to a different account and learned so many things

Laughed a little harder and longer – did just that, when I secured my place in my new account.

Meet more friends – met them already, an entirely new account also entailed an entirely new crowd. I am keeping a handful of good ones that I will be calling friends from here on.

See more places – yup! Although it wasn’t as many as I hope it would be I was still able to squeeze a little travel in between

Take care of health – well, I think I had more hospital visits this year more than any other years. And I took it upon myself to get schedule for check ups. My teeth are well taken care of too.

Help my family more – still helping

More skip in my walk – that spring arrived 10.22.08

Read more books – let me see … there was this one month where I read one book a week and I think I never had a month without a new book to read. So it’s a yes.

Manage my temper – believe it or not, I was able to

Still resolving:

Get more exercise – just couldn’t squeeze the time and being that I’ve been a little sickly I opted to just stay in bed

Less carbs – I need to work on this, I haven’t counted any but I’m sure hell I took more than what’s allowed

Drink more water – I just wasn’t that thirsty.

I’ve made smart decisions for 2008 and it balances some of the insipid ones. Looking back, I can confidently say that I managed it well… as always. I will keep the same resolution I had from last year and hopefully continue working on the unresolved.

I wish you all the best and see you next year.

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Season’s Greetings

24 12 2008

Santa Claus

Stopping To Check

23 12 2008

I was at the hospital yesterday and I got a good news from my doctor – my blood is very much healthy. The follow up visit took only about five minutes and I was good to go.

After reading several papers I got from the laboratory, my endocrinologist looked up to me and smiled. She advised me that if I wanted to take care of my health I just steer clear of fatty foods, find time to exercise and take things easy. I was initially scared that I might be predisposed to diabetes or hypertension but she gave me a clean bill. There is one small flag raised though. My HDL/ LDL are a tad bit of course, just a tad. Nothing a one or two week cleansing cannot fix.

I’m going to get myself a nutritionist early next year so I can sort things out. Perhaps you all know that I don’t eat pork or beef, I just need to find a healthier alternative for chicken – apart from tofu. I’ll start cutting my chicken intake starting to three times a week on the first month, to two on the next, to one until I can completely drop it. This should set my HDL/ LDL to a steady okay. I’m no health buff, don’t get me wrong. I just want to live happier without the constraints of lingering conditions.

I have a friend who’s under maintenance shots every day. I can’t do that, I’m not as brave as she is. I’d probably just let it snowball to get it over with.

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Better Films, But Not Until Next Year

22 12 2008

I am quite excited for the new movies lined up for the holidays. If it wasn’t for the ridiculously autocratic, pretentious and equally hopeless MMFF, this would have been an icing on everyone’s holiday cake. So as I speak (or write), I am busying myself with lists of activities that does not include watching a movie from December 25 to January 8.

Below are lists of movies bumped for 2009 release in my region, and all I highly recommend waiting for. They may or may not be as spectacular as I think they are, but I’ll chose this over nonsensical longwinded drama that uses the same formula over and over again.



Bedtime Stories

Seven Pounds

The Spirit

Revolutionary Road

The Reader


Frost/ Nixon

Nobel Son


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The Tale of Desperaux

Yes Man

By the looks of it, my January will be film packed. I might have problems fitting everything in but it still doesn’t change the fact that I’m stoked.

The Day The Earth Stood Still (2008)

19 12 2008

tdtess posterWe are introduced to a bearded Keanu Reeves sitting in his tent atop a mountain dated 1923. We don’t know who he is, what he’s doing there and what his purpose is. Then suddenly a strange light flashes from a distance prompting him to investigate. Fast forward to present date, all notable scientists are whisked away to a center to be briefed of the impact the world is about to suffer. The President and the Vice President are stashed to two separate secret locations and Madam Secretary of Defense is out to fight in their steed. The end is at hand, or is it?

The Day the Earth Stood Still is a mouthful for a title and a handful to rearrange from its original 1951 film. Although I know little of the first version, I feel that this new-fangled adaptation came to a tepid halt. Yes, it provided the entertainment value one hopes to achieve in watching movies and it allows us to appreciate Jaden Smith’s aspirations to be as big as his dad. Yet, it lacked the value Independence Day and Armageddon offered. Disaster movies are supposed to have a heightened alarm attached to it, that it encompass not just the famous metropolitans. In the impending death of the human race aren’t we all supposed to be in the game?

tdtessIn TDTESS, it carried out the exact same mistake The Day After Tomorrow and Cloverfield committed. There was only one central power (USA) slugging it out with the enemy and no compartmentalized representation of other human inhabitants was allowed. It just showed snapshots of the world but it did not drive a single thread of story. There really is no need for a convoluted approach (remember the Russian guy in the station where the shuttle in Armageddon had to refuel, or the Middle Eastern people in Transformers or the nations that came together at the Battle of Helms Deep in Lord of the Rings), just a modest illustration that in the event of an invasion, WE as a human race will move as one.

And one more thing, why does all turning point have to happen in the US soil? Why can it not happen elsewhere?

tdtess2 Also, I felt that the movie tried to show more than one plotline but failed when a change was unconvincingly executed. Klaatu with all its stoic prowess failed to justify his beliefs in humans toward the end. Vindicated by his demise to save human race, it was too low a jump off from simply watching mother and child crying under a bridge in central park.

I recognize the strength special effects provided here but I’m not impressed – I’ve seen the swarm approach before in The Lord of the Rings The Return Of The King. I’m also not too keen the way the camera was handled. At times it was too shaky even for static shots (ex. the time when Jennifer Connolly is asking Keanu Reeves who he was before he became human).

But I have some nice things to say too. I especially commend the casting of John Cleese, for a moment it doused us of the routine Connelly and Reeves are trying to achieve. Also I like the giant Iron Man/ Cyclopes, his faceless ability to communicate as an indestructible ticking bomb was intense.

When credits role, you don’t say that this movie is bad. Instead you’ll wish that even if we have all the magic technology can offer, they don’t disregard the storyline, buildup and turning points.  


The Shindig, The Needle and Twilight Polls

17 12 2008

Company XMas PartyVery little is known of last weeks party, maybe because everyone was just so tired to even mention it. After we transitioned from day to night to day again without breaking it to sleep, it just got difficult to take notes.
I have fleeting memories of the party; thankful that I have my friends camera along to document the event.


I paid a visit to the hospital yesterday and the day before to get some blood tests. At first, I hadn’t the slightest idea what it would entail but I decided to be brave for the sake of health. I first took  ECG tests and wondered why the hell I’m taking the second one – who’da thunk that blood tests will include x-rays. It was a short stint so I went to the mall soon after. I had a big meal for lunch (Cinnamon Toasts and Putannesca at Pancake House), tried a new Tuna Pasta dish for dinner(Liquour de France) and drank lots of water in preperation for the fasting before they draw my blood.

The day after, I suffered in the hands of an intern who looks like she’s hasn’t been practicing her poking skills. In her first attempt, she lost my vein and tried to shimmy the needle back into position – the thing was already under my skin and I felt her move it around while trying to catch it. When she finally found what she was looking for, the vein resolved to buckle and stopped flowing blood. So she had to put another needle in my left arm and I just had to exclaim my review on how well she did her job. I deduced it to a very astute, “Youch!”. It’s these type of intern that give needles a bad name. She eventually apologized, I think she knew that she was lousy at it.

I’ve been a very good girl following everthing the doctor advised me, so when all tests was done, I jumped to the nearest restaurant and ordered a tall glass of iced tea, cheese pizza and a full plate of ceasar salad, minus the bacon of course  (Sbarro). When I had my fill, I trudged the mall for a little shopping and went home with a movie to review, a new book to read and the new Dark Knight DVD. As the day progressed, the part where the needles touched slowly hued to purple on both arms. I chose not to bitch about it, instead I’ll wear it like a badge of honor at work.

I still have to go back though. The doctors will look at the results and provide their interpretation. I’ll have to sit through the discussion on how we can prevent any dangers in the future (diabetes and cholesterol). In times like these, it’s best to be on the offense.

The check up was suggested by a friend when she found out that she was already a borderline diabetic. We have the same built and my educated guess would be, it’s not impossible for me. Although my family doesn’t have any history of diabetes, I’ll take it upon myself to cover all grounds before it gets too late. I wasn’t too happy getting pricked and being starved but I will feel better knowing the direction my health is taking.


Twilight (motion picture) is still running in theatres, and as of the weekend of December 5, it took home $138,402,068. It also landed at the second spot for sweeping a weekend average per theatre of $3,604. With its success, it seems the polls did a good job taking temperatures.

A lot of people went to see the movie, one, because of the hype of the book. Two, because of the hype from those who saw it the first time and swooned for the actor who played Edward. And three, because of the hype of the book, the actor and the curiosity of the literature itself.

As you can see, there are a lot of fans out there that are not fond of the movie and the rest decided to air responses that are neither a yes, no or somewhat. “Others” are mostly summed up with gibberish feedback hoping that someone else played Bella or the director provided a weak treatement.

Twilight Poll Daddy

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The First Few Paragraphs

15 12 2008

I got in trouble when I made a stupid decision to open my mouth about a huge project that I don’t intend to blow out of proportion. I was simply blabbing, with two or three glasses of wine in my blood, when I told everyone that I was mad enough to undertake a novelette.

I decided to shut up soon after but got the better of me when someone egged me to share. This is exactly what I was trying to avoid, people who will challenge me, just to either humiliate me or annoy me. If I will continue, this is the last time anyone will ever get to have a glimpse of the project … until the whole thing’s finished.


The Tale Of He (working title)


The End Of Peace

Because I could not stop for Death —
He kindly stopped for me —
The Carriage held but just Ourselves —
And Immortality.

-Emily Dickinson-

We were at the backyard of his house when I decided to break from the group for a few minute breather. I went to sit at the porch and leaned to look at the deep dark sky. I was silent and calm, just allowing myself to fall to the sky. Me and nothing in between but the vast space and freedom. I blinked a few times to straighten my sight. Wow. It streaked of stars. Clear, like diamonds deep within a dark pond but without the ripples. It was beautiful, you don’t get this in the city.

If it wasn’t for the crickets and the smell of trees, I would have believed that I am falling safely. Not quite sure where, but I’m falling. I should be scared I know and I never should invite such thoughts. It was ridiculous but putting my mind the right side up was never really helpful. I would not survive a day. I heard them laughing from a distance, my friends, who knew nothing of my worries. Knew nothing of my fear. But listen I did, as I looked into the sky and allowing it to clear my thoughts

A few minutes later, he ambled to look for me and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw me sitting at the bottom step of his porch. He sat there too, not speaking, and stared to the heavens just the same. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it, odd because the one person I was very much fond of looking at is so close. I wondered why I felt at home. Wondered why this picture proved more inviting than his warm embrace.

He sat there as still as I am. Wanting to know what was in my head and hoping that he could take me back to earth. He knew I can be like this. Just taking timeouts in my head, a sort of sleeping while awake. But he decided to be patient, fighting the need to hold my hand in the dark. He could if he wanted to, I won’t stop him. At least we can fall into freedom and diamonds together. I laughed in my head for a moment, imagining how funny it would be just to fall helplessly into one of my dreams.

Time drifted like the little paper boat I use to put on a weak stream after the rain, and he opened his mouth.

Can I take you back now?