My Fall Season Travel: Cold Weather Here I Come

Mind full of dreams

Heart full of hope

Hands tired of work

And feet lost for travel

I’m off to a well-needed vacation. This is the first time in a long time I’ll be disconnected from work and the predictable world I move in. I’ll be separated from it all by land and water and I’m eager to experience fall season. I have my winter jacket ready, a few clothes to braze the cold weather, and a scarf to keep me warm while gallivanting around. Ooh, I’d be so fab, I’ve been meaning to wear my scarf and bonnet at the same time for so long now. I’ll have every reason to sport it without sweating or suffering people’s stare.

Just to give you an idea where I'm headed

Just to give you an idea where I'm headed

My camera have been spring cleaned to give way to a copious amount of travel pictures plus my travel agent have prepared everything for me – even my preferred meal for the next luxurious four days. Although I won’t have time to read, I packed Eclipse (just for a reread on my fave scenes in case I feel the urge to head trip a Forks, WA weather) and I jammed my Sony Walkman phone with all the music I would like to listen to while relaxing.

I might not have an entry for Friday, but have it known that rife travel documentations are in place. I’ll post pictures and a brief outline of my holiday itinerary as soon as I get back – not that I’ll ever be in a hurry to. LOL.

However, before I hop to my 530am plane ride, I have to first finish a ten-hour conference at the Shangri La Hotel. Yet, nothing will dampen my spirit. I’m going to a place where there’s rolling hills as far as the eye can see, clean air, cold weather, intermittent rain and far from the drab city I’m living in. Woohoo!


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