Before The Game

It’s a start of a busy nine days for me beginning tomorrow.

My godchild, Irvine is celebrating his birthday on the 8th, I’ll run errands on the 9th (I need a sternum strap, an earth mat and pack my bags for a trip), go to the bank on the 10th, follow up my passport on the 11th, get my hair and nails done on the 12th, attend a conference in Shangri La on the 13th and hop to a plane the next day for a four day trip. The 9th to 12th will have a ten to twelve hour work sandwiched in it…per day.

So far, I have no idea how I’ll run everything when I can’t seem to recuperate from Flu. I fell ill last Oct 31st and I’m still sick. I haven’t missed a day at work and last I checked I’m updated with all my reports and deliverables. Although everyone here knows I’m under the weather, they seem to allow me to run around sniffing and coughing. They’ve been very understanding that I get surly and incoherent sometimes (medicine side effects), they even remind me to take things slow and take a day off. There are just so many things to do, that skipping a day will only mean constant tossing and turning in my bed, worrying that my work is lagging. On top of that, a bunch of people takes a cue from me.

For all the busy hubbub of my remaining days as a twenty something, it would have been easy to say no to all the arduous output. But no, I like busy. I’d rather have it this way than any other way. At least running errand also means shopping, birthday parties means I get to touch base with my best friend and conference at the Shangri La Hotel seems a privilege – suiting up is always a treat, time to bring out my power heels. It’s the flu I mind. After all that ado, I’m off to a vacation – a welcome type of busy. Perhaps that short interlude will provide me my needed rest.


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