Notes From The Cold, Feverish And Stuffy

Still sick … my cough has turned into a challenge that sends shots of pain in my head and chest every time I try to expel it. My colds on the other hand decided not to be left behind. There’s still a nasty tinge in my health and supporting it with a cough syrup is no minor feat.

I’ve been slow in the uptake, lightheaded and sleepy after drinking my meds. This morning, my tremors got to an awful height that I accidentally deleted my Outlook Inbox. I wanted to kill someone because this girl I usually call me, never achieves this kind of stupidity. Somehow my “I’m okay charade” is running low on batteries, the subconcious manifestations of my not wanting to work just ordered my hands to delete all pending work.

I wonder how I’m functioning in the office. After lunch, my boss just took me aside for a short talk and I coughed and sniffed at him the whole five minutes. He gave me a good review and I was wondering if he was talking to me. I couldn’t have done anything good lately but heck, he still likes the way I run things.

Oh by the way, there’s a black guy in the white house.

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Red Light Special by TLC through Wave 89.1


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